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Open Letter: Aerial spraying on Long Island
by Don Hoff Jr.


April 10, 2005

Dear Board of Director of Klukwan Inc, and Shareholders of Klukwan Inc,

My name is Aan Kadax Tseen of the Gunax adi Clan, Yei l hit, Taan ta Kwaan Tribe. Long Island is our traditional lands of the Taan ta Kwaan and once had a village site there. It was our misfortune that our Tribe missed out on the any land claims for whatever reasons in the past.

I am against any aerial spraying on Long Island just to kill salmonberries and alder trees to grow second growth trees and from an indigenous point of view it doesn't make any sense. Salmonberries are very important to you and me as subsistence food. Alder trees make masks, cooking utensils and smoke for our fish. We don't want Klukwan,Inc. or anyone in Alaska to aerial spray. It is just a bad idea that some white man put into your minds.

On March 8, 2005, the State of Alaska issued a permit allowing aerial application of pesticides on Long Island by Klukwan, Inc. This permit is the first granted under new regulations adopted by the State in 2003, which broadly endorse aerial spraying. The permit sets the precedent for allowing chemicals to be sprayed from the air near salmon streams, cultural sites, and fishing and hunting areas.

Numerous tribal councils, city governments, public health associations, commercial fishing groups and other organizations, as well as hunters, veterans, nurses, and other individuals are committed to fighting the State's short-sighted decision to allow aerial spraying. Concerns specific to the Long Island spraying include:

Insufficient buffers which are not protective of salmon streams and marine waters;
high likelihood that chemical will drift out of the target areas and affect natural and subsistence resources; and pesticide use in heavy subsistence gathering areas.

In closing, I think it is a bad idea to spray anything that kills our natural resources that are so important to perpetuate our people and Tribe's future. This is my own indigenous opinion.

Don Hoff Jr.
Aan Kadax Tseen
Ganax adi Clan
Yei l hit
Taan ta Kwaan
Hixson, TN - USA


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