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Breastfeeding in public
by Karen S. Hollywood


April 10, 2005

When man thinks he can outdo what God has created, God usually shows us better.

IGNORE the negative comments about breastfeeding. Anyone with a brain in her head knows there are natural antibodies in breastmilk, that it is BY FAR healthier than formula (and yes, the $, convienences, etc.) Studies have shown the kids tend to be smarter with better early nutrition too. I have seen some incredible fat babies that were breastfed exclusively until they were two, and grew into thin, healthy kids and adults.

The one thing I'd like to ask is: You moms- we all know it is natural and good to breast feed. But please remember, remove the baby and you are just a topless woman. So to think that it is so beautiful is fine, but most men and boys are still thinking sex. It is not a hardship to throw a recieving blanket over you when breastfeeding in public. One wonders about the mindset of the gals that fought for the legal right to bare-breastfeed in restaurants. In this country, public nudity is not the norm. Not to be a prude, but many kids have seen the breastfeeding at home- they don't need to be out in public looking at your boobs, too. With all the infidelity and porn problems going on today, I wonder how many wives are comfortable with their husbands checking you out?

Feed the babies, but remember, your breasts are FOR THE BABIES- not all of us. Thanks- PS- I know many of you will write in and yell at me- don't bother- heard it all before.

Karen S. Hollywood
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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