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Baiting bears
by Joseph Williams


April 10, 2005

While I have never hunted in Alaska, I have hunted all over the Southeastern US for many years. What you described re. baiting bears is not hunting and any true hunter should be ashamed to admit having anything to do with these actions. If I'm not mistaken, both Bears and Wolves are on the decline throughout the US. We should be looking for ways to increase the populations, not decimate the few left.
I believe the Fish & Wildlife people could trap and ship many of these animals to other ares of the US where they would be welcomed. As a native Floridian, I have watched as our state has filled up with people from other ares of the country and game lands have shrunk appreciably to make way for houses and cars. This has resulted in great cries of distress from newcomers about alligators, panthers, snakes, etc. which infringe upon their property or in the few surrounding woods. I have advised many of them that the animals were here first and maybe they should consider moving back where they came from.
You should appreciate what you have been able to retain in your populations of fish and game. One days you could undergo the invasion of the masses and your first thoughts will be of what your state used to be like.
Joseph Williams
Palm Coast, FL - USA


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Thursday - April 07, 2005



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