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Minimum wage debate
by Mark Tollfeldt


April 10, 2005

Once again I feel compelled to commend Charlotte Glover and now Alex McDonald on their well written and thoughtful letters regarding the minimum wage and capitalism as it exists in this country.

I would like to add that when the pope died his part in bringing down communism in eastern Europe was widely reported in the media. What was also true and not as widely reported was that he also railed against the tyranny of capitalism. He preached that the blind pursuit of happiness through possessions and consumerism is not a substitute for happiness through spiritual growth and doing good for mankind. Now, these are my words but I believe this is the gist of what he had to say.

In my life experience I have found that ideas that are absolutes are usually wrong. Just as socialism is not the absolute answer neither is capitalism. It is easy to find flaws in any system but when people are able to find the things that work and employ them to better the lot of all the worlds citizens then maybe a new "ism" will be born.

Mark Tollfeldt
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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