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SitNews - Stories In The News - Ketchikan, Alaska
March 19, 2012

Front Page Photo By AARON MCCOLLEY

Extreme Snowmobiling
Bryan Moody extreme snowmobiling on Slide Ridge...
Front Page Photo By AARON MCCOLLEY

Ketchikan: Senior official visits by Deanna Garrison, KRBD - A senior official with the U.S. Department of Agriculture is touring Southeast Alaska this week. Deanna Garrison sat down with the Deputy Under Secretary for Natural Resources and the Environment during his visit to Ketchikan on Monday. - Read this KRBD story...


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Ketchikan: Battle Between Sheldon Jackson, Father Duncan Played Out In Life of Rev. Edward Marsden A Feature Story By DAVE KIFFER - In the later part of the 19th century two of the most powerful people in Alaska were missionaries, the Rev. Sheldon Jackson, the federal education agent for the unorganized territory; and Father William Duncan, the leader of one of the largest communities in the region, New Metlakatla on Annette Island. The two men often clashed both spiritually and politically. One of their biggest tussles was over one of the first Native Americans to be ordained as a minister, Edward Marsden, who eventually became a prominent spriritual/political leader like his two mentors.

Peter Simpson, Sheldon Jackson (seated), and Edward Marsden, ca. 1896–1913
Courtesy Alaska State Library, Alaska Native Organizations Photograph Collection

Marsden is often credited in Alaskan histories as being the first Alaska Native to be ordained but that distinction goes to Jacob Netsvetov (Saint Jacob), an Atka Native who became a Russian Orthodox Priest in 1828.

Marsden was born on May 19, 1869 in Metlakatla, British Columbia. His mother, Catherine Kitlan, was Father Duncan’s housekeeper and his father, Samuel Marsden, was one of Duncan’s first converts and had been named after a famed Anglican missionary.

Duncan himself tutored young Edward in reading and music, in addition to bookkeeping and business. When Duncan took most of his flock across Dixon Entrance to Alaska in 1887, teenaged Edward Marsden, a community boat captain even at that young age, was among the pioneers. (see “The Founding of Metlakatla,” SITNEWS, Aug. 6, 2006 and  “Cruising to Alaska, Circa 1887, an Eyewitness to the Founding of Metlakatla,” SITNEWS, Aug. 7, 2007)

But soon Marsden began to chafe against what he later referred to as Duncan’s “autocratic control” of the new community. He asked his mentor to allow him to travel outside Metlakatla to further his education and Duncan said no.

In response, Marsden wrote a letter, in April 1888, to Sheldon Jackson, then the Commissioner of Education in Alaska. In the letter, Marsden noted that one of the reasons the Tsimpshians had left Canada was because they wanted to be treated “as men, not as Indians.”

“I am very anxious to receive further education,” Marsden wrote. “…when you come here you will find me in W. Duncan’s store as I am working there…the only thing I wish very much is to be educated in an American school.” - More...
Monday - March 19, 2012

Alaska: NOAA announces 2012 charter and commercial halibut management measures; New rule provides anglers in Southeast Alaska with an opportunity to retain a “trophy” fish - NOAA Fisheries Service announced Friday it is putting into effect the regulatory recommendations of the International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC). The final rule was delivered to the Office of the Federal Register today. Alaska’s commercial halibut season opened Saturday at noon. 

For charter anglers in Area 2C (Southeast Alaska), a one fish per person, per day bag limit, which has been in effect for Southeast Alaska since 2009, remains in effect through the 2012 season. 

Area 2C (Southeast Alaska) management measures also include a new “reverse slot limit” rule that limits the size of retained halibut to less than or equal to 45 inches, or greater than or equal to 68 inches in length. This new rule provides anglers with an opportunity to retain a “trophy” fish – a halibut larger than 68 inches – which is an important component of many charter business plans in Area 2C (Southeast Alaska).

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council recommended a reverse slot limit to IPHC commissioners based on input from its Charter Implementation Committee and charter fishery participants. The purpose of the reverse slot limit is to make sure that total harvests in Area 2C (Southeast Alaska) charter fisheries are kept within the guideline harvest level (GHL) of 931,000 pounds in 2012, per the IPHC recommendation. - More....
Monday - March 19, 2012

Alaska: Bill would change distribution of reports by state agencies for easy public access - House Bill 182, "An Act relating to distribution of reports by state agencies" sponsored by Representative Kyle Johansen (R- Ketchikan) passed the House Finance Committee last week and is headed for a vote on the House Floor.    This bill changes the publication requirements for all departments and state agencies, from a printed document to an electronic format that is posted on the agency’s website and is easily accessible to the public.

“It is time that the distribution system for state reports be updated to reflect the technology we use every day.  Many statutes requiring the printing and distribution of reports were passed in the 60’s and 70’s, long before the advent of the internet.  This is a logical progression to help lower the cost of government and make information readily available to the general public.” Johansen commented. - More...
Monday - March 19, 2012

Southeast Alaska: Juneau restaurant fined for illegally purchasing subsistence caught Pacific Halibut - NOAA’s Office of Law Enforcement announced today that the owners of the Zen Restaurant in Juneau, Alaska, will pay a civil penalty of $18,000 over the next 12 months for illegally purchasing subsistence-harvested Pacific halibut in 2010, according to a settlement agreement signed on February 23.

In the settlement agreement, Yang Sing LLC, doing business as the Zen Restaurant and Jaded Bar, Cai W. Hu and Yai W. Hu, admitted that they purchased Pacific halibut that had been harvested under a subsistence fishing permit on two occasions in February and March 2010. The fish were purchased at least in part to be served to restaurant patrons.

The Northern Pacific Halibut Act, which governs the commercial, sport, charter, and subsistence halibut fisheries in the U.S., prohibits the sale, offer for sale, trade or barter of subsistence-harvested halibut.

Following the purchase, which was part of an undercover investigation by NOAA’s Office of Law Enforcement’s Alaska Division, administrative search warrants were executed on the Hu residence and the Zen Restaurant, where agents seized the halibut. - More...
Monday - March 19, 2012

Southeast Alaska: HOUSE PASSES SOUTHEAST SEA OTTER MANAGEMENT RESOLUTION; HJR 26 urges fed. agencies to plan sustainable management of growing populations - With sea otter populations estimated at 20,000 and growing annually by about 12 percent in Southeast Alaska, they have become a major competitor of resources with subsistence and commercial fisheries. In light of that information, the Alaska House today passed Majority Whip Peggy Wilson’s resolution urging federal agencies to work with the state, native leaders, and other interested parties on a sustainable management plan.

House Joint Resolution 26 comes in response to the growing threat of over-population for the mammals, who compete with commercial, sport and subsistence fishers – and others in the ecosystem – for resources. It is estimated that altogether, sea otters consume 253,000 pounds of food in single day, costing the Southeast economy directly and indirectly $28.3 million, according to documents Whip Wilson submitted with the bill. - More...
Monday - March 19, 2012


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letter Alaska Marine Highway Not Listening By Bill Brown - I read the letter about the ferrys and I agree but who do we talk to? How do the residents of Alaska voice our opinion? - More...
Saturday - March 17, 2012

letter Uncle Ernie By Rob Holston - I offer this letter as a salute to my uncle Ernie Weaver who recently passed away at age 87. Right up front you need to know that Ernie lived most of his life as a veteran. He served in the Korean war and it was there at the front lines he became left handed for the rest of his life. The story I recall as a young boy was that he was struck by friendly fire because he was so close to the enemy lines. I don’t know if uncle Ernie suffered from post traumatic stress disorder or not. That diagnosis was not given back then but he always seemed to be a happy and productive member of his community. - More...
Saturday - March 17, 2012

letter Heart of Klawock By A. M. Johnson - The editorial in the Ketchikan Daily News 3-15-12 regarding the outstanding act of sportsmanship and community pride reflected in the unselfish act by Klawock of honoring Yakutat's dedication to one of their fallen young community members and future leader is truly a class act. - More...
Saturday - March 17, 2012

letter Exported Fuel Contributing To Gasoline Price Increases By Donald A. Moskowitz - The increase in gasoline prices is not attributable to worldwide supply problems.  Threats by Iran to close the Strait of Hormuz are partly responsible for the increased prices, but another culprit is our oil industry. - More...
Saturday - March 17, 2012

letter RE: All in One By Charlotte Tanner - Mr. Dornblaser's idea for the USS Enterprise is fabulous. It solves so many problems in one fell swoop it is almost unbelievable. I hope the powers that be will give it serious consideration. I, myself, have been thinking of the problem a bridge presents to the passageway of Cruise ships and don't see why a hoist can't be constructed to lift them over the bridge, or in this case, over the scuttled USS Enterprise. - More...
Saturday - March 17, 2012

letter RE: Parking??? By Chris Elliott - REALLY??? I pay $50/mo. for a parking space near the Centennial Lot because with the 2-hour maximum limit per day, I was getting too many tickets. Tickets have been given, believe me. - More...
Saturday - March 17, 2012

letter Alaska Energy Authority's Energy Resource Plan By Paul Olson - The Southeast Integrated Resource Plan comment period ends March 19. The SEIRP lays out various scenarios for conversion to alternative sources of heat energy for the region. We believe the plan wrongly favors conversion to biomass sources of heat energy while ignoring or downplaying the effectiveness of other alternatives.   The plan calls for an 80% conversion from oil and electric heat across the region to wood pellet stoves and boilers.   It largely ignored the use of heat pumps as a highly effective and economical source of heat. - More...
Wednesday - March 14, 2012

letter Give Our Kids Options for Success By Senator Kevin Meyer - Alaska is making good strides towards improving our education system.  Over the last ten years we have increased standardized test scores in every area except fourth grade literacy. Schools across the state have lowered their dropout rates, and the graduation rate is consistently rising.   But there is more we need to do to make sure our children become successful adults, armed with the skills to get well-paying, rewarding jobs that can provide for their families and create a higher standard of living.  It is not acceptable to let even one child fail when there is something we could’ve done to prevent it.  - More...
Tuesday PM - March 13, 2012

letter Recycle, bridge, power supply, another tourist attraction, all in ONE By James Dornblaser - I just read a news article about the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise. It is now on its last deployment & following this last trip, will be decommisioned & later scrapped. I think this a golden opportunity for Ketchikan to solve several problems while acting as the nation's poster community for 'recycling'. Bring the carrier to Ketchikan, position it across the Narrows from the present AMHS terminal to the airport. Scuttle it & modify each end so it will serve as a bridge. WAH-LAH instant bridge. - More...
Tuesday PM - March 13, 2012

letter Looking for Special People to Help By David Hull - People of Ketchikan: The North Tongass Volunteer Fire Department takes our responsibility to the service area residents seriously. Our service area is protected by dedicated and committed emergency service responders who do their jobs when called upon, even at three o clock in the morning. Helping people is not an easy task. Our members do it willingly and often without recognition. Do you like a challenge? If any of this sounds interesting maybe we can help each other. - More...
Tuesday PM - March 13, 2012

letter Disconnect between people and government By Glenn Gould - I have been hollering into the void for quite a while on the subject of the All Alaska Gasline. I was surprised and happy to read statements made by Senator Ted Stevens, just before his plane crashed, that showed he was on board with the project and a terminus in Nikiski. - More...
Tuesday PM - March 13, 2012

letter Alaska Marine Highway By Jon Elloit - I see that the State always asks for input from the people, for things like schedule, Vessel Construction, New Alaska Class Vessel, etc. They ask this as if they really want our input, but we all have seen over the years as the people give their input, ideas, concerns... NOTHING / NO ONE cares. So why do they even ask our input? - More...
Tuesday PM - March 13, 2012

letter Alaska's comprehensive Arctic policy, challenge and opportunity By Reps. Reggie Joule, Bob Herron - In 2010, the state Legislature formed the Alaska Northern Waters Task Force (ANWTF), consisting of state legislators, leaders from Alaska communities, and representatives of key state and federal agencies.  These Alaskans were tasked with examining and reporting the issues surrounding the anticipated increase in shipping, resource exploration and extraction, commercial fisheries and tourism activities in Alaska’s Arctic region. - More...
Tuesday PM - March 13, 2012

letter Parking??? By David Wylie - What has happened to the parking situation in Ketchikan's lower Centennial parking lot? You used to get a ticket or two if you didn't move in the two hour time limit and now it's starting to look like a junkyard. - More...
Tuesday PM - March 13, 2012

letter Dying so others can vote By Billy D. Clifford - We send our brave young men and women to war in foreign countries so that those citizens will have the right to vote. But Americans do not exercise their right to vote here at home. Less than 38% of eligible voters turn out to vote in non-presidential national elections. Why? - More...
Tuesday PM - March 13, 2012

letter Bridge By Norma Lankerd - I have to agree with this person on a bridge, build one that way maybe Melakatla can also build one at the end of Annette Island and have the bridge connect to Gravina where they currently also have a road to no-where built. - More...
Tuesday PM - March 13, 2012

letter Toll Bridge? I don't think so By Lance Mertz - Once in a while I check to see what is up in Ketchikan by looking at Sitnews. As usual it is full of this and that, but there was a letter this week that I had to respond to. - More...
Tuesday PM - March 13, 2012

letter Bridge to Nowhere Retort By Don Hoff, Jr. aka Aan Kadax Tseen - The cost of a bridge to nowhere was at 415 million taxpayer dollars back 7 years ago. I would say to would be over 500 million dollars at today's cost. - More...
Tuesday PM - March 13, 2012

letter RE: Tournament By Chris Elliott - I think Mr. Edwardson is definitely on to something. When I was in high school (back in the Dark Ages), we took State four years in a row with John Brown leading the charge. When my daughter was playing, we beat Juneau and went on to State. - More...
Tuesday PM - March 13, 2012

letter Southeast BASKETBALL Tournament By Charles Edwardson - I recently wrote a letter about southeast tournament, read my letter. and I never once said basketball tournament. - More...
Tuesday PM - March 13, 2012

letter Games By Norma Lankerd - I am totally disappointed, Metlakatla will not be able to play again in a 3A tournament. - More...
Tuesday PM - March 13, 2012

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