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Alaska Marine Highway
By Jon Elloit


March 13, 2012
Tuesday PM

I see that the State always asks for input from the people, for things like schedule, Vessel Construction, New Alaska Class Vessel, etc. They ask this as if they really want our input, but we all have seen over the years as the people give their input, ideas, concerns... NOTHING / NO ONE cares. So why do they even ask our input?

How about the Alaska Class Ferry. They are building a vessel that is as big as the Taku, that is supposed to be a day boat...? Are you kidding me? Don't forget that there are no staterooms!???? I am not sure if they are too scared to make a decision to go to the smaller day boat, or if they are just using day boats as an excuse to cut out the Steward's department. What ever it is, we the people get to pay for it.

Where is the leadership of AMHS? What are they doing? Do they have a plan? Because they sure are not listening to the people.

We sit here and watch millions of dollars get wasted on what the people don't want! Our input is just ignored.

I challenge the Governor, Senators, and every one to look into what is going on with AMHS. WHAT IS THE PLAN? IS IS WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT?

I recall the days when locals used to ride the ferries. Do you know anyone who rides the ferries any more?

Jon Elloit
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Life Long Resident that used to ride the Ferries"

Received March 09, 2012 - Published March 13, 2012



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