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Recycle, bridge, power supply,
another tourist attraction, all in ONE
By James Dornblaser


March 13, 2012
Tuesday PM

I just read a news article about the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise. It is now on its last deployment & following this last trip, will be decommisioned & later scrapped. I think this a golden opportunity for Ketchikan to solve several problems while acting as the nation's poster community for 'recycling'. Bring the carrier to Ketchikan, position it across the Narrows from the present AMHS terminal to the airport. Scuttle it & modify each end so it will serve as a bridge. WAH-LAH instant bridge.

If refuiled, the onboard reactors will provide power generation for our future needs without building costly land based instalations. The main power supply is already built & cheap to run.

Remodel the interior for future city & burough office space as needed. I will bet there is already a library there too. There will be plenty of room left below deck to house all of southeast's homeless (after all, most are living under a bridge already).

Any inconvenience to the tourist ships from the blocked channel will be offset by the novelty of tours of such a grand 50 year old historical artifact. Think folks, this is diversity for the tourists, not just another jewlry shop. Think of the flight deck space & how many new trinket shops you could build along the new road (bridge).

Now I ask, what's not to like here, all the above & at a cost savings of MEGA bucks!

James Dornblaser
Thorne Bay, AK

About: "Southeast Alaska resident of 23+ years & I am here 'till you run me out!"

Received March 11, 2012 - Published March 13, 2012



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