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SitNews - Stories In The News - Ketchikan, Alaska

August 29, 2012

Herring Cove Cubs
Front Page Photo By Susan Hoyt ©2012
(Please respect the rights of photographers, never republish or copy without permission and/or payment of required fees.)

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Ketchikan: "Occupy the Voter's Booth" -- Round One of Election Season Over, Two to Go; Register by September 2nd for Upcoming Local Election, October 7th for Presidental By MARY KAUFFMAN - - With round one, the primary election at an end, the August 28th unofficial election results show that incumbent Republican Don Young will face Democrat Sharon M. Cissna and Libertarian Jim C. McDermott in the November 6th general election. Young, Cissna and McDermott all wish to represent Alaskans in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The list of candidates running for President of the United States is much longer with many of the candidates rarely, if never, mentioned in the mainstream media. The November 6th, election is expected to feature major party candidates, the incumbent President Barack Obama for the Democrats, and Governor Mitt Romney for the Republicans. (For a full list of declared candidates & parties, click here)

House District 33 which encompasses Ketchikan, Thorne Bay and Wrangell, will choose between Matt Olson of Ketchikan (Democrat), Representative Peggy Wilson of Wrangell (Republican) and Representative Kyle Johansen of Ketchikan (Independent). Johansen recently had his signature petition approved by the Alaska Division of Elections.

For Senate District Q, which includes Ketchikan, voters will choose between Albert M. Kookesh of Angoon (Democrat) and Bert K. Stedman of Sitka (Republican).

But wait, long before the 57th quadrennial United States Presidential Election and selection of our district representatives and senators, Ketchikan voters will have the opportunity to return to their local polling places on Tuesday, October 02, 2012. That's the day the Ketchikan General Borough Election will be held.

Decisions should be easy for both the Borough Assembly, School Board and the Ketchikan City Council as there are just enough candidates to fill the available seats that are open. Of course, the option for write-ins exists. The only contest will be for the Ketchikan City Mayor's seat.

The City of Ketchikan voters will have the opportunity to choose between Lewis Leroy Armey Jr. and Lew Williams III for the one seat 3-year term seat available as Mayor. There are two 3-year term seats available on the Ketchikan City Council. Candidates filing for these seats are Robert Sivertsen and DeAnn E. Karlson -- no challengers. Vote and show your support and appreciation for those willing to serve in public office.

There are two 3-year term seats open on the Ketchikan Borough Assembly. Those filing are Jim Van Horn and Todd Phillips. No challengers. For the Ketchikan School Board, there are three 3-year term seats open. Those who have filed are Coleen E. Scanlon, Stephen Bradford and Ralph Beardsworth -- again, no challengers. Also on the Ketchikan School Board there is one 2-year seat open with Michelle O'Brien filing for this seat -- no challengers. Again, vote and show your support and appreciation for those willing to serve in public office. - More...
Wednesday - August 29, 2012

Alaska: Alaska's Policies Promote Arctic Investment - Alaska’s Arctic investment opportunities are ripe, and the state is competing for investment from around the world, Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell told the Arctic Imperative Summit this weekend in a keynote address and panel.

“Between new oil fields, gas pipelines, ports, icebreakers, airfields, roads and mines, we may be looking for over $100 billion in investments in the next 20 years,” Treadwell said.

Treadwell was joined on the panel by State of Alaska commissioners Dan Sullivan (Department of Natural Resources), Susan Bell (Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development), Bryan Butcher (Department of Revenue), and Hugh Short, Chair of the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority.

“Sometimes Alaska is competing with other Arctic nations for money,” Treadwell added. “That’s why we need a competitive tax structure, infrastructure investment, regulatory certainty, and access to resource prospects on land and sea. Governor Parnell’s administration is working across the board to win this competitive race.” - More...
Monday - August 27, 2012

Alaska: State to test Nome miners for mercury exposure; Team to be in Nome for four days - A team of health officials from the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services Section of Epidemiology will be in Nome Aug. 29 through Sept. 1, 2012, to conduct voluntary screening of gold miners for mercury exposure.

The screenings were prompted by numerous anecdotal accounts of miners recovering mercury and gold-mercury amalgams during their gold mining operations in Nome. The screenings are being done in consultation with the City of Nome.

“Some miners may be heating the gold to drive off the mercury,” said Ali Hamade, the section’s Environmental Public Health Program manager. “This activity may expose the miners to harmful levels of mercury fumes. We’d like to see how widespread the exposure has been.” - More...
Monday - August 27, 2012

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letter "Yes" Ballot Measure 2 By Daven Hafey - There's a big misunderstanding in politics. I've noticed it at Alaska State Legislature hearings and in certain political campaigns. I've heard it among friends in Southeast, the Northwest, and the Midwest. I hear it a lot in the media. The shared misconception is that conservationists value trees, birds, and wildlife more than humans that conservation is working against the ability of humans to thrive. I couldn't disagree more. - More...
Monday - August 27, 2012

letter "No" on Ballot Measure 2 By Renee Schofield - I am a strong “no” vote on Ballot Measure 2, and can only hope everybody else will be, too, by August 28. The measure, if passed, would be a grave mistake for Alaska and simply makes no sense. After hearing testimony at the Ketchikan hearing in July about the measure, my ‘‘no” vote became a “no way, ever” vote. - More...
Monday - August 27, 2012

letter Vote for Agnes Moran By Steve Seley Jr. - I want to urge everyone to take the opportunity to vote for Agnes Moran on Tuesday to represent this district in the State House. - More...
Monday - August 27, 2012

letter Vote for Agnes Moran for AK State Rep By Michael J. Elerding - We are fortunate to have 3 qualified and capable candidates running in the Republican primary for State Representative from House District 33.  I am convinced that the average voter does not appreciate the turmoil, anguish, and vulnerability that these candidates subject themselves (and their families) to when they decide serve their community.  For their civic mindedness and their willingness to serve, to each of the candidates, I say Thank You. - More...
Monday - August 27, 2012

letter Agnes Moran & North Tongass (miserable mile) highway By Bob Pickrell - Finally, after four years, a politician has responded to my concerns about that "miserable mile" on North Tongass hiway from the Ward Cove bridge to the entrance of Refuge Cove Park. - More...
Monday - August 27, 2012

letter Feral Cat Lady not from Metlakatla. By Christina Martinez - An article that was published in the Ketchikan Daily news this last week ran a story about a woman who was escorted off the Annette Island Reserve by the Metlakatla Police Department whose car was occupied with 53 cats, some pregnant most, feral. - More...
Monday - August 27, 2012


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letter Re: Irregularities in Ketchikan's fiscal forecast By Agnes Moran - The Aquatic Center and the replacement generator are the two items of concern to Mr. Plute that lie in purview of the Borough. Unfortunately, Mr. Plute's letter contains many inaccuracies regarding these two projects and I would like to address those here. - More...
Thursday AM - August 23, 2012

letter One More Day - Construction Yard Sale - Saturday August 25th;
Thank you Ketchikan!
By Amanda Hein - “Of all that is good, sublimity is supreme. Succeeding is the coming together of all that is beautiful. Furtherance is the agreement of all that is just. Perseverance is the foundation of all actions.” Lao Tzu .... If you put this in the context of Ketchikan Youth Initiatives (KYI), it would be a perfect fit. KYI is continuing that perseverance for the teenagers of our community. Their plan of action is to create a long overdue youth center. It’s a wonderful project that will definitely change Ketchikan and the lives of teenagers residing here. - More...
Thursday AM - August 23, 2012

letter Coastal Zone Management: Vote "Yes" By R.K. Rice - Since the Supreme Court decided that Corporations are people with even more rights than an individual, as they can donate unlimited money, while we as individuals are limited, I find it more difficult to separate glossy spin from the truth. - More...
Thursday AM - August 23, 2012

letter Shameful By Laura Plenert - Jack Shay's "performance" in court on Monday was shameful and disgusting. Entertainer til the end. - More...
Thursday AM - August 23, 2012 

letter Tough Questions By Guy Archibald - If the Ketchikan Gateway Borough (KGB) Assembly is to protect the long term interests of its citizens, they need to ask tough questions before agreeing to locate an ore processing facility within KGB.  They need to ensure that the promises made by the mine are enforceable and will protect the community far into the future.  Unfortunately, mines have a history of making grand promises in the early stages and then abandoning them after closure or when market conditions change. - More...
Tuesday - August 21, 2012

letter Supporting Agnes Moran By Hannah Ramiskey - Our representative to the State House must have the moral fiber, common sense, good judgment, and intelligence to allow her to sift through the mountains of information and opinions to find the best solution for our community.  She has to really know our community and its needs.  For me, Agnes Moran is the best choice for the House of Representatives.  She volunteers for her church, the Humane Society, provides meals for the Lord’s Table which benefits the less fortunate, donates her time in several schools, and still has the energy to work hard for our community on the Borough Assembly. - More...
Tuesday - August 21, 2012

letter Thank you! By Vicki Harsha - My son, Nick Martin, was recently involved in a jet boat accident on the Stikine River in Wrangell, Alaska. Twelve hours after the accident he called to tell me he was on the way to the hospital in Wrangell and asked if I would let the Ketchikan Indian Community know that he would be going to the emergency room for treatment. He assured me he was fine and that he just needed some stitches in his forehead and possibly his finger. - More...
Tuesday - August 21, 2012

letter Irregularities in Ketchikan's Fiscal Forecast By Ed Plute - Currently the City of Ketchikan is $158 million in debt according to the 2012 annual budget. Established here are just a few examples of financial irresponsibilities that need to addressed and not behind closed doors. - More...
Tuesday - August 21, 2012

letter Cabin elimination By A. M. Johnson - Will the results of the public comments regarding the removal of various cabins from the Tongass National Forest reflect a corresponding reduction in the excessive number of U.S.Forest Service employees in the respective areas? - More...
Tuesday - August 21, 2012

letter Coastal Zone Management By Tom Schulz, Mary Schulz, Tina Singer, David A Smith, Joni P Koerner, Judith McQuerry, Mary Dowling & Joann Flora - It is not hard to understand why the oil companies and other big money business types are fighting so hard against restoring Alaska's coastal management program. They prefer to shut locals out and just let the federal government call the shots, because they have the wherewithal to influence federal decisions. Mere citizens do not - unless we vote to restore coastal management on August 28. - More...
Monday PM - August 20, 2012

letter "Yes" on Ballot Measure 2 By Bob Claus - Tom Boutin, a forester and logging engineer with over 40 years of experience, recently wrote an op-ed opposing Ballot Measure 2, the Coastal Zone Management proposal. - More...
Monday PM - August 20, 2012

letter Ballot Measure 2: Bait and Switch By Debra Heston - I have heard that the ballot initiative for re-establishing the coastal management program has been promoted as protecting local property rights.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  It is hard to believe that Alaskans would support the measure if they had read the fine print... which not everyone does. - More...
Monday PM - August 20, 2012

letter Coastal Zone Management: Yes on Ballot Measure 2 By Mary G. Schulz, Tom Schulz, Melissa A Miller, Tina Demmert, David A Smith, Joni P. Koerner, Judith McQuerry, Mary Dowling & Joann Flora - The coastal management program ballot initiative is a pro-growth, pro-development measure. Better yet, it's a smart growth initiative. For 34 years, Alaska's coastal management program allowed key players, (including you and I through our chosen representatives) to sit down together and plan the best way to make new projects happen. It didn't slow things down; it facilitated development by avoiding lawsuits and other costly logjams. When we work together to find locally acceptable courses of action, we can settle disputes before they become huge legal problems. - More...
Monday PM - August 20, 2012

letter "No" on Ballot Measure 2 By Debra Heston - Everyone knows that there are special interests that would like nothing more than to rape and pillage Alaska's natural resources, and steamroller the local opposition.  Until now, they have been kept in check.  Parts of the fine print in ballot initiative #2 read like a laundry list of grievances the state has had about all the tactics Alaskans use when they don't want to shut up and do as they are told... and counters for each of them.  I am sure that there are executives who would trade their viagra to see this thing pass, it could be everything they ever dreamed of.  If there is collusion between the state and the proposed board, then they will have one hell of a blank check to do whatever they want.  The only ones restricted by this are Alaskans and their local governments.  There is even a provision on pg. 10 lines 6-11 for overturning local elections! - More...
Monday PM - August 20, 2012 

letter Privatizing Mr Ryan By Michael Spence - Paul Ryan's overtures about cutting costs on Medicare and Social Security for middle aged people who have paid into both for many years make me wonder if he will follow in the footsteps of the last GOP vice presidential candidate, who was elected to serve in one capacity and before it was done, ran for another office. - More...
Monday PM - August 20, 2012

letter RE: Girl Scouts on Alaska Air Flight By Esther Rhodes - Thank you Susan for such a nice letter you submitted regarding the girls who were returning to Ketchikan on your flight. - More...
Monday PM - August 20, 2012

letter TOO MANY LIFEGUARDS... By Tracey Horne Scadden - I read with interest MS.Teal's concern regarding too many lifeguards. When I lifeguarded back in the early 70's I couldn't tell you how many guards we had. But living here in Utah I counted the other day at a outdoor pool about the same size as your new one, they had at least 7 that I could visualize, there might have been more. - More...
Monday PM - August 20, 2012

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