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Privatizing Mr Ryan
By Michael Spence


August 20, 2012
Monday PM

Paul Ryan's overtures about cutting costs on Medicare and Social Security for middle aged people who have paid into both for many years make me wonder if he will follow in the footsteps of the last GOP vice presidential candidate, who was elected to serve in one capacity and before it was done, ran for another office.

Mr Ryan was elected to serve the PUBLIC, and tasked by Congress in his job as a US Representative with making cuts in other places than our paid-for social security and Medicare. Specifically, will Mr Ryan have the honesty and backbone to cut 500 Billion dollars from the PRIVATE defense contractor business? Is Lockheed Martin CEO Robert Stevens' 25 million dollars a year (for which he pays 15 percent income tax)off the table while our health care and Social Security is going to be chopped or privatized?

Mr Ryan, if you are vice presidential material, you should get your patrons in the for-profit defense sector, find a way to sell their business to private markets, not on the backs of taxpayers.

Until then, Mr Ryan's job is to serve the ordinary citizens of your country, not the corporate elite.


Michael Spence
Ketchikan, AK

About: "A Ketchikan voter"

Received August 18, 2012 - Published August 20, 2012



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