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Cabin elimination
By A. M. Johnson


August 21, 2012

Editor Sitnews,

Will the results of the public comments regarding the removal of various cabins from the Tongass National Forest reflect a corresponding reduction in the excessive number of U.S.Forest Service employees in the respective areas?

I only ask as I reflect on the extreme minimum activity and infinitesimal scale of timber harvesting of the vast renewable timber resource. Seems we have a exceeding high number of technical/enforcement personnel empowered with full authority, to 'study', 'touchy' 'what if" 'You CAN'T' people for a the obvious.

A tree grows, a tree dies, a dead tree falls. It is called Nature.

Just saying.

Ketchikan, AK

About: "Senor citizen who enjoyed the sound of chainsaws in the forest"

Received August 21, 2012 - Published August 21, 2012


Public comment sought on proposal to remove nine public recreation use cabins - The Tongass National Forest is seeking comment on a proposal to remove nine public recreation use cabins and convert three to shelters due to poor condition, low use, and funding. The twelve cabins are on Admiralty National Monument, and Ketchikan-Misty, Petersburg, Sitka, Wrangell, Thorne Bay, and Yakutat Ranger Districts. - More...
Monday - August 20, 2012


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