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One More Day - Construction Yard Sale - Saturday August 25th;
Thank you Ketchikan!
By Amanda Hein


August 23, 2012
Thursday AM

“Of all that is good, sublimity is supreme. Succeeding is the coming together of all that is beautiful. Furtherance is the agreement of all that is just. Perseverance is the foundation of all actions.” Lao Tzu .... If you put this in the context of Ketchikan Youth Initiatives (KYI), it would be a perfect fit. KYI is continuing that perseverance for the teenagers of our community. Their plan of action is to create a long overdue youth center. It’s a wonderful project that will definitely change Ketchikan and the lives of teenagers residing here.

With a huge “Construction Materials Yard Sale” on August 11th, KYI received over three thousand dollars.   KYI also received a hefty amount of doors, windows, electric fixtures and insulation that will benefit the Youth Center Building Project.

One More Day, will be the follow-up to this yard sale by KYI on August 25th, from nine o’clock AM to one o’clock PM. The location of sale is 1600 Tongass, across from the Westflight Building. There are approximately one-third of the sale items donated by First Bank from their remodel of the Financial Center--R19 insulation, hollow and solid core doors, windows, electric light fixtures. They have other bargains including: flooring, patio table and chairs, countertop laminate, shower base, Adirondack chairs and table, roll of carpet, storm door with pet entry, and more. There is also a new, double thermal glass store front door with sidelights in aluminum frame donated by Spenard Building Supply in Sitka.  Additional donations of usable construction materials and funding gratefully accepted. Call Bobbie McCreary at 617-5990 for info about the sale items or to arrange additional donations.

KYI is grateful to the community for helping them in such amazing ways.  A huge thank you goes to the following: First Bank, Panhandle Rigging Loft (the Ludwigs), Madison Lumber, Island Tile, Carr House/Gateway Center, Coastal Realty, RYC, Pioneer Home, Matsu Construction and others who donated time and additional new and used materials for the yard sale. An enormous thank you goes to the State of Alaska Capital Asset Grant for two grants in the amounts of $75,000 and $60,000 to install a platform lift, a new roof and finish framing, exterior walls, windows, and doors at the Youth Center building project and, many, earlier donors including the City of Ketchikan who granted the building and land to Ketchikan Youth Initiatives to launch the project.  KYI is extremely thankful to everyone who contributed in any way possible; volunteering, donating, and participating in work days and fund raisers.

The teenagers of Ketchikan have also helped a lot to make this happen; now it’s coming true. KYI members really hope to see you on August 25th, 9am, at the “One More Day construction sale.

Amanda Hein
Ketchikan, AK


Received August 22, 2012 - Published August 23, 2012



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