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Coastal Zone Management: Vote "Yes"
By R.K. Rice


August 23, 2012
Thursday AM

Since the Supreme Court decided that Corporations are people with even more rights than an individual, as they can donate unlimited money, while we as individuals are limited, I find it more difficult to separate glossy spin from the truth.

This latest flyer I received in the mail telling us to vote no on prop 2 with these soundbites seem like good reasons to vote against this measure. Then I read the fine print and see the "Top contributors to vote against prop 2 are Alaska Miners Assn., Conoco Philips, and Shell Oil." I honestly don't believe these are Corporations/people that have my best interest in mind. If I owned a large block of these stocks, I would probably feel different.

But I am convinced a vote "Yes" for prop 2 is in the best interest of the average Alaskan.

VOTE YES for Prop 2.

R.K. Rice
Ketchikan, AK

About: "I have lived, fished and earned my living, from the pristine waters of Southeast Alaska for 35 years"

Received August 22, 2012 - Published August 23, 2012



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