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SitNews - Stories In The News - Ketchikan, Alaska
August 01, 2016

Front Page Feature Photo By ERIC NANCE

Sitka Black-Tailed Buck
This buck photographed near Ketchikan appears to be reminding us to take time to smell the flowers - but perhaps he is more interested in eating them.
Front Page Feature Photo By ERIC NANCE

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Seven rescued after pleasure craft takes on water - The Alaska State Trooper's Patrol Vessel Enforcer heard a distress call early Thursday morning at approximately 12.50 AM from the 41 foot pleasure craft “Outlaw” stating that they were taking on water and wouldn’t be able to stay on board much longer.

P/V Enforcer, the Alaska Department of Public Safety’s 84 foot patrol vessel.
Photo courtesy Coastwise Corporation

The P/V Enforcer, which is the Alaska Department of Public Safety’s 84 foot patrol vessel based out of Ketchikan, immediately launched its skiff with two Wildlife Troopers to respond. The P/V Enforcer pulled anchor and followed.

The distress call came from the area of Long Island which is located just off of the southwest coast of Prince of Wales Island. The P/V Enforcer was anchored about 18 miles to the west near Dall Island when the call came in.

While the skiff was en route, the Coast Guard reported that they had lost contact with the vessel in distress. The Enforcer Skiff arrived on scene at 1:39 AM and located four individuals in a small dingy and three others on a rock near their mostly submerged vessel. Two of those individuals were wet and soaked in gasoline.

The Troopers were able to take all seven individuals aboard the skiff and then waited in calm waters until the P/V Enforcer arrived. The Enforcer crew took the seven passengers on board and provided dry clothes, food and drinks. - More...
Monday AM - August 01, 2016

Ketchikan: Investigation of 28 year old man's death underway - The Alaska State Troopers in Ketchikan were notified Saturday by the U.S. Coast Guard of an unresponsive male aboard the F/V Odin that was in Anita Bay. The male was identified as Charles Richards, age 28 of Seattle, Washington.

Crew members found Richards in his bunk unresponsive. Wrangell Search and Rescue (SAR) was notified and responded. Wrangell SAR transported Richards to the Wrangell clinic where he was pronounced deceased. - More...
Monday AM - August 01, 2016

Southeast Alaska: 18 Rescued After Whale Watching Vessel Takes on Water - Coast Guard Sector Juneau, along with multiple good Samaritan vessels rescued 18 people from the 35-foot whale-watching motor vessel Big Red in Favorite Channel near Juneau, Sunday afternoon.

All 16 passengers and two crewmembers were recovered and embarked onto motor vessel St. Herman, with the help of recreational vessel See You, and transported to Allen Marine Dock to await Coast Guard and emergency medical personnel. There was one knee injury reported.

Watchstanders from Coast Guard Sector Juneau received a call from a crewmember of the Big Red reporting they were taking on water in Favorite Channel.

Watchstanders issued an urgent marine information broadcast requesting any vessels in the area to assist. - More...
Monday AM - August 01, 2016

FISH FACTOR: Mariculture plans taking shape By LAINE WELCH - Plans to grow more shellfish and aquatic plans are taking shape following two meetings this summer by the Alaska Mariculture Task Force. The 11-member panel, which includes reps from the Departments of Fish and Game and Commerce, Alaska Sea Grant and 7 public members, was created by order of Governor Walker in February. Its mission is to provide a statewide strategy for expanding the burgeoning industry by March 1, 2018.

“We’re focusing on both aquatic farming as private businesses and fishery enhancement programs which are more of a common property activity,” said Julie Decker, a task force member and director of the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation. “We are looking at different models to advance, basic infrastructure and research that’s needed to really launch this industry.”

Mariculture could model Alaska’s successful salmon enhancement program, she said, where the state backed a $100 million low interest, revolving loan to jump start the fledgling industry for several years.

“It was developed as a public/private model where the state helped get the infrastructure for the salmon hatcheries started, and then it was taken over through private partnerships and regional nonprofits,” Decker explained. “And it was developed in rural Alaska where it is very difficult to make businesses work. Through taxes and cost recovery mechanisms, the industry paid the state back with interest, and every year those hatchery fish produce between $100-$300 million in value.”

“For mariculture, we have high dollar products like king crab and geoducks, abalone, sea cucumbers, sea weeds, oysters and other shellfish. There is really a lot of opportunity,” she added.

While Alaska’s mariculture operations to date have focused mostly on Southeast and South Central regions, the new vision includes broadening the industry to Westward regions.

“It’s a different time in history and people are looking at ways to diversify Alaska’s economy,” Decker said. “The state has such a large seafood industry and mariculture is a natural fit. Mariculture would provide more steady supplies and keep processing companies open on shoulder seasons and provide more jobs.”

The mariculture task force wants to attract more expertise via advisory panels on investment and infrastructure, regulations, research and development, environmental impacts, public education and marketing and workforce development. - More...
Monday AM - August 01, 2016


Alaska Feature:
Rezanov: Russian 'Romeo' foresaw an empire in Alaska, California and Hawaii By DAVE KIFFER - Most Alaskans are very aware of the history of Russian America and names like Baranov, Shelikov and Wrangell are as a familiar as the names of the Americans in Alaska’s early history.

ezanov: Russian 'Romeo' foresaw an empire in Alaska, California and Hawaii

Rezanov's portrait from the
State Historical Museum of Russia
Courtesy The State Historical Museum of Russia

But few Alaskans are aware of the crucial role that Nikolai Rezanov played in the founding of Russian America. When Rezanov’s name does come up in modern times, it is often in relation to a relationship that many historians call North America’s version of “Romeo and Juliet.”

Rezanov was born in the Russian capital of Saint Petersburg on March 28, 1764. His father was a Russian civil servant who had served for many years in Irkurstk, the capital of eastern Siberia.

Rezanov was a bit of a child prodigy, according to Owen Matthews 2013 book “Glorious Adventures: Nikolai Rezanov and the Dream of A Russian America.”

By the age of 14, Rezanov had mastered five languages and joined the Russian army, serving in the Izmaylovsky Regiment in Saint Petersburg . He resigned as a Captain at age 19. He then served as a court officer for several years in Pskov, a city in Western Russia near the border of Estonia.

By the age of 27, he was back in Saint Petersburg, working for the private secretary to Empress Catherine. He quickly caught the attention of Platon Zubov, one of the lovers of the Empress and her most powerful advisor.

Zubov was interested in the Siberian fur trade and soon, Rezanov was working as a go between between Zubov and Grigory Shelikov an important merchant in Irkustk. Shelikov was interested in promoting his nascent colony in the Kodiak Islands and Rezanov and Zubov convinced Empress Catherine to significantly support the venture. The Shelikov-Golikov Company was the forerunner of the Russian America Company.

In 1794, Zubov sent Rezanov to Irkutsk to oversee his investments. By 1795, Rezanov had married Shelikov’s 15 –year-old daughter and had become a director in Shelikov’s company. When Shelikov died later that year, he left the company to his wife, Natalia, rather than his son-in-law and Rezanov felt marginalized.

He sought the permission of Empress Catherine to start a competing company in the region and to expand that company to Russian Alaska. The empress approved Rezanov’s charter but then she died.

Rezanov then went to work to get the support of her son Tsar Paul I and he achieved that support shortly before Tsar Paul I was a assassinated in 1799. In the meantime, Natalia Shelikov had received the Tsar’s approval to reorganize her company as the Russian American Company. But, the Tsar established Rezanov as his official liaison with the RAC, effectively putting him in charge. - More...
Monday AM - August 01, 2016


Columns - Commentary

jpg John Micek

JOHN MICEK: A 102-Year-Old's View of Hillary's Historic Moment - If there was any doubt as to the massive symbolic significance of Hillary Clinton winning the Democratic nomination for president, one need only look at the face of Jerry Emmett.

Emmett, who is 102, was born before American women won the right to vote.

On Tuesday night in the Wells Fargo Center, the honorary member of Arizona's delegation to the Democratic National Convention pledged her home state's votes to Clinton.

"I never thought I'd see a woman in a presidential election. When I was growing up, women could be teachers, secretaries or nurses ---- and my mother was snubbed at our church for working at all," she told The Arizona Republic. "That a woman would have this role in the political process ..."

Emmett was 6 years old in 1920 when the 19th Amendment granted women the vote nationwide, The Republic reported. In Arizona, women won the vote in 1912 and voted in their first presidential election in 1916, the newspaper noted.

"All the little old ladies, with their gloves and everything, were so excited," she said of her mother's vote in that first presidential election. "Most of the men were, too ---- a lot of the women would tell their husbands how to vote."

Love her or hate her, and there are many who do both in equal measure, Americans can join together in celebration this week in confirmation of a simple truth:

When parents tell their daughters they can grow up to do anything they want, including run for, and perhaps even win, the Presidency of the United States, it won't be a mere hope - it will have been made real.

Clinton reaffirmed that late Tuesday, appearing via video-link on the arena's Jumbotron, as a group shot of America's presidents (including her own husband, former President Bill Clinton), shattered around her.

Speaking from New York, and surrounded by girls and young women, Clinton told them: "I may become the first woman president, but one of you is next." - More...
Monday AM - August 01, 2016

jpg Editorial Cartoon: Arena of Life

Editorial Cartoon: Arena of Life
By Pat Bagley ©2016, Salt Lake Tribune
Distributed to subscribers for publication by Cagle Cartoons, Inc.


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letter Thank You POW By Sheila Finkenbinder - I want to thank the residents of Prince of Wales Island for the welcoming reception I received during my visit last week. I traveled from Craig and Klawock up to Whale Pass for the POWCAC meeting, down to Hydaburg for Cultural Camp, and over to Thorne Bay. I met with mayors and administrators, fishermen and electricians, teachers and superintendents, business owners and bankers; and the man on the street. I heard about your love of living on the island, as well as your concerns. But the most amazing thing I heard was your understanding of the fiscal crisis that Alaska faces, and your willingness to be a part of the solutions needed to get us through the tough times ahead. I want to thank so many people for taking the time to talk with me and help me get to know your island home. - More...
Monday AM - August 01, 2016

A Measurable Academic Goal for the District By Agnes Moran - The Ketchikan School Board is in the process of setting goals for the district and the superintendent for the upcoming school year. I think it is time the Board set tangible, measurable, academic based goals for the district that will have long term, positive impact on our community’s children. The primary goal I would like to see the School Board commit to is a 92% graduation rate (as calculated by the national standard adjusted cohort graduation rate used by the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development (DEED)) for the freshman students entering Ketchikan High School this fall. - More...
Friday AM - July 29, 2016

letter Finkenbinder Not A Serious Candidate By Bob Claus - Today I had the dubious pleasure of meeting Sheila Finkenbinder, a candidate for State House. She was visiting Prince of Wales Island, a major part of her potential district, for the first time. - More...
Friday AM - July 29, 2016

letter It rained on our parade! By Bobbie McCreary - What the heck, Ketchikan! Paintball “markers” (guns) without tanks are even safer than guns without ammo because there is no way to shoot…even if there were “ammo” (AKA paintballs) hiding inside the paintball marker. - More...
Friday AM - July 29, 2016

letter Ethan's Garbage Truck By Judith Green - What a wonderful change in the media this week. A heart warming account of a 6 year old boy who was granted his wish through that wonderful Make-A-Wish program. The story was picked up by local folks who turned out that morning to cheer him with signs and smiles and waves of delight. He rode in his very own garbage truck, his name emblazoned on the truck, with the greatest of smiles. Thanks to Make-A-Wish, and the media, for giving all of us a chance to enjoy this heart warming episode with Ethan and his family. - More...
Friday AM - July 29, 2016

letter Ketchikan's Missing By Irene Anderson - I would like to submit a follow up summation regarding the Missing & Deceased Men and Women in Ketchikan. - More...
Friday AM - July 29, 2016

letter Support Our Police By Donald Moskowitz - Police actions in Ferguson, MO; New York City, Baltimore, Baton Rouge and Minnesota have been in the news, and a few police officers have been seen using excessive force and shooting people. I believe a small number of police officers use excessive force, and these officers should be held accountable for their actions. - More...
Tuesday AM - July 26, 2016

letter RE: Oil Cans... By Angelo Martin - I first met David Hanger about 1980 when I first got to Ketchikan. His Mom and Dad were wonderful people. I was hired by their cruse ship fishing charters service in 1982. I consider David a very intelligent person, but his talents are wasted, he should write novels, run for local office. - More...
Tuesday AM - July 26, 2016

letter Thank you to Ketchikan Solid Waste facility By Victoria McDonald - As one of many Ketchikan citizens concerned about tansy ragwort, orange hawkweed, Japanese knotweed,and Scotch broom, we deeply appreciate the Solid Waste facility acceptance of hundreds of pounds of tansy ragwort. Dorica Jackson and I have taken close to 600 pounds from the Fawn Mountain area with another 300 pounds needing to be pulled. One local man has taken hundreds of pounds pulled from the Carlanna area. Wolfe Point is infested where 125 pounds have been removed. - More...
Saturday PM - July 16, 2016

letter Part 14: OIL COMPANY” WALKER, “OIL CAN” ORTIZ AND OIL COMPANY SOCIALISM; Summation and Conclusion By David G Hanger - When Sam Rayburn died he had $26,000 in the bank. He was the longest-serving Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, second in line of succession to the Presidency of the United States, an attorney who never took a fee or gift from anyone who might have any interest whatsoever before the government; and the standard, the very benchmark, for personal integrity and honor, both in and out of political office. When “Little Ben” Stevens, the unindicted co-conspirator in the VECO case that put Kott in prison, was President of the Alaska State Senate, he used his elected position to pocket more than a million in graft and payola. For this he should have gone to prison for at least 10 years, but an attorney general of the same political party let the case lapse. Since then the corruption of graft, payola, and special interest has been codified into law by the majorities in both the state senate and the house, so that they can continue their campaigns of personal graft and payola while concomitantly serving the needs of their corporate masters. - More...
Saturday PM - July 16, 2016

letter Loss of hundreds of lives, sparing a dog By Nancy Crawford - Thank you for your writing on the loss of hundreds of lives on Princess Sophia. Their lives were not lost in vain as I am sure that this disaster gave many ideas to make ship travel safer. - More...
Saturday PM - JUly 16, 2016

letter Muslim camps By A. M. Johnson - As often the case, each weekend edition of the Ketchikan Daily News' religious news carries some level of contentious religious news or article, picked off snide religious slanted AP provided articles. This week end it was the article on Muslim summer camps. In this apocryphal reading one would take away a vision of a Peaceful Religion promoted by Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) (A terror listed group) and other Muslim based anti Western political groups would and do use to undermine and hide the true record of the dark side of this political/religious diatribe by fooling the'folks'(infidels) not up on any religion (i.e. 'Low information voter/citizen). - More...
Saturday PM - July 16, 2016

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“Hundreds of Alaskans have reached out to my administration saying health care costs are increasingly unaffordable,” Governor Walker said. “This law will provide relief from large premium hikes for