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Front Page Photo "Winter Wonderland" Volunteers

Dreams of a "Winter Wonderland" Tradition
Volunteers Front Row (kneeling): Jaci Johansen, Michelle Johansen,
Rhonda Bolling, Anita Beaudoin, Matthew Hendricks, Amanda Hendricks
Back Row: Karl Amylon, John Brown, Hailee Miller, Marie Miller, Rebecca Brown, Rhonda Scott, Eva Lindgren, Kim Hendricks, Judith Anglin...



jpg Joann FloraJoann Flora: Weight Management in the 21st Century: Part 2 - Food, Glorious Food - In Part 1 of this series on Weight Management, we looked at some of the reasons Alaska, and America, seems to be on an ever increasing weight gain status. - More...
Wednesday - November 24, 2004

jpg Bob CiminelBob Ciminel: Pie in the Sky - Having spent a good part of my life moving around the U.S. as an Air Force dependent, a sailor, and a nuclear professional, I have had many opportunities to learn about the regional foods in the areas where I have lived. - More...
Wednesday - November 24, 2004


letter Effectively Managing Predators in Alaska by Kevin C. Duffy - Wednesday
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photosKetchikan: Dreams of a "Winter Wonderland" Tradition - A whale of a dream began with the gathering of approximately a dozen volunteers who came together to decorate the whale's tail portion of Whale Park with festive white lights in downtown Ketchikan Saturday. The participants, made up of City and KPU employees and their family members, volunteered their time to light up Whale Park and contributed at least one string each of white lights to the community project. White lights were also donated by other employees who were unable to participate in the decorating. 

The volunteers planned to kick off this year's holiday season in Whale Park with festive decorations and reported having a great time decorating in the rain. Participants are hopeful that the sparkling white lights will encourage other residents and business owners to follow suit and light up Ketchikan and in doing so help start a tradition of transforming Ketchikan into a "Winter Wonderland" during holiday seasons. - More...
Wednesday - November 24, 2004

Ketchikan/ Statewide: Troopers Cracking Down Over Holidays - The Alaska State Troopers and law enforcement officers across Alaska are cracking down on drunk drivers over the holiday season, beginning with the Thanksgiving weekend.

The Thanksgiving holiday is considered one of the most active weekends of the year, and one of the holidays during which Alaskans head across town or across the state to enjoy the occasion with family and friends. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is often a part of these celebrations.

According to research by the National Highway Safety Administration, the performance of drivers with Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of .08 is 40 to 60 percent worse than when they have no alcohol in their system. Skills such as braking, steering, changing lanes, and emergency responses are all affected at BAC .08. The crash risk is 16 times greater than that of a sober driver. - More...
Wednesday - November 24, 2004

Ketchikan: Ketchikan agrees to auction off Loggerville - The Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly has agreed to auction off the floating logging camp called Loggerville if it remains on borough property after the end of the month. - More...
Juneau Empire - linked Wednesday - November 24, 2004

jpg jellyfish

Scientists operating a remotely operated vehicle observed a jellyfish near the ocean floor.
Photo courtesy Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Alaska: Researchers Probe Marine Mysteries Off the Alaskan Coast - A summer voyage to investigate the causes of one of the most devastating tsunamis in United States history has uncovered new mysteries about biological and geological processes off Alaska.

Probing the depths below one of the world's most important fisheries, scientists with Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego, as well as Indiana State University and their colleagues, conducted the first exploration of deep seafloor biological communities in a sector of the Alaskan margin off the Aleutian Islands along the northern part of the Pacific Rim. - More...
Wednesday - November 24, 2004

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photosKetchikan, Alaska - Let There Be Light! -- Citizens Light & Power and then KPU - At the Incorporation of the City of Ketchikan back in the summer of 1900, the little town on Tongass Narrows was powered largely by optimism and resolve. The Alaska Gold Rush of '98 had focused the eyes of the world on the nation's Last Frontier. The courageous and confident were among those who "rushed" north to participate not just in the search for gold but in the founding of a great new American territory. Ketchikan's pioneer founders moved quickly to develop such modern amenities as electric lights and indoor plumbing. - Read the rest of this story by June Allen....
Tuesday - November 16, 2004

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