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December 15, 2003

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Embracing Life With Gusto & Fabulous Red Hats
Some members of The Rain Drop Chapter of the Red Hat Society pose for a group photograph at their Christmas Party Sunday.... More
Front Page Photo by Dick Kauffman

photosKetchikan: Embracing Life With Gusto & Fabulous Red Hats - Ladies with lacy, frilly red hats and feathers were aplenty at the Red Hats Society's Christmas party Sunday at Queen Mother Kay Gundersen's home. Walking into a room filled with a sea of red hats can be almost heart-stopping for an old man such as this writer, and the variety of purple outfits and frills played tricks on my old eyes until I adjusted to the fact that I had been privileged to enter the domain of the ladies

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of the Red Hat Society.

The Red Hat Society is an organization that is taking the United States and Canada by storm. The Red Hat Society gets its name from a California woman who dared to wear a "funky" red hat and a purple dress in public after reading Jenny Joseph's poem "Warning" which celebrates the aging process. Jenny Joseph's poem has been the inspiration for more than 12,000 Red Hat Society chapters throughout the United States - including Ketchikan. The only requirement to be a member of the Red Hat Society is that you wear a purple dress and a red hat to dinner and be ready to embrace middle age with style.

And Ketchikan's Rain Drop Chapter of the Red Hat Society members are no different when it comes to red hats and purple dresses! These elegant and vibrant Ketchikan ladies dare to mix their reds and purples in a variety of shades and styles and dare to go for the gusto together! And underneath all the frivolity, these ladies adorned in these breathtaking red hats share a bond of affection, forged by common life experiences and a genuine enthusiasm for wherever life takes them next. - Read the rest of this story and view the photo gallery - click here...
Monday - December 15, 2003 - 1:20 am

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21st USA Powerlifting Competition
Jim Silverthorne, Tom Wolford and his son Andrew of Prince of Wales Island along with five Ketchikan lifters showed their metal during this exciting powerlifitng event. - Photo by Penny Eubanks

photosKetchikan: 21st USA Powerlifting Competition Held In Ketchikan Photo Essay - Saturday, December 13th, Powerlifters competed in the 21st USA Powerlifting Competition in Ketchikan. - Read more & view photos...
Monday - December 15, 2003 - 1:20 am

Alaska: Internet scammers succeed in schemes duping Alaskans; FBI says one would-be snowmachine seller lost $5,000 - An eager buyer offered to purchase a $5,000 snowmachine advertised on the Internet. The buyer sent the seller a check for twice the amount asked, with a plausible explanation. The well-intentioned seller refunded the extra $5,000. - Read this story...
Anchorage Daily News - link posted Monday - December 15, 2003

Ketchikan: State accepting bids on oyster, clam and geoduck farm sites - Shellfish farmers have until Jan. 16 to submit bids to lease any of 158 farm sites available through the state Department of Natural Resources. - Read this story...
Juneau Empire - link posted Monday - December 15, 2003

Alaska: Papers have been publishing for a century in Nome and Wrangell - When it comes to beating deadlines and keeping a business going, two Alaska companies share indisputable bragging rights. - Read this story...
Juneau Empire - link posted Monday - December 15, 2003

Holiday Lights: A Photo Feature by Carl Thompson

photosFestive holiday lights are appearing daily throughout the Ketchikan community. These colorful gifts of lights are provided by families for the enjoyment of all. Carl Thompson is traveling the community to capture these colorful light displays to share with the Sitnews readers.

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