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Photo Essay

21st USA Powerlifting Competition Held In Ketchikan
by Penny Eubanks


December 15, 2003
Monday - 1:20 am

Saturday, December 13th, Powerlifters competed in the 21st USA Powerlifting Competition in Ketchikan.


Jim Silverthorne, Tom Wolford and his son Andrew of Prince of Wales Island along with five Ketchikan lifters showed their metal during this exciting powerlifitng event.


Taylor Gregg

Competing in the women's division was 18 year old Taylor Gregg in the 123# class. Taylor bested her previously set Kayhi records with four new Kayhi records: Squat 175#, Bench press 115#, deadlift 200#, and total weight record of 490#. Taylor placed first in the women's division with an adjusted total of 633.


Missy Goodwin

Also competing in the women's division was Missy Goodwin a first time competitor who impressed the spectators with her 225# squat lift, and 260# deadlift. Missy's adjusted total was 631 for a second place finish. Adjusted totals are based on age and weight division.


Trevor Eubanks

Competing in the teen boys 198# division was 15 year old Trevor Eubanks. Trevor bested his previously set Kayhi records with four new records: 300# squat, 175# benchpress, 350# deadlift, and total weight record of 825#. Trevor placed first in the boys division with an adjusted total of 637.


Andrew Wolford

First time competitor 15 year old Andrew Wolford competed in the teen boys 165# weight division. For a first time competitor Andrew made impressive and nearly flawless lifts recording only one scratch in all three lift events! Andrew posted 210# in the squat, 140# in the benchpress, and 300# in the deadlift, with a total weight of 650#. Andrew's adjusted total of 600 placed him second in the teen boys division.


Pat Stack

In the men's division 27 year old Pat Stack at the 220# weight class placed first with weight total of 1240#. Pat posted personal bests in all lift divisions with 425# squat, 340# benchpress, and a 525# deadlift. Pat's adjusted total was 801.


Floyd Frank

44 year old Floyd Frank competing in the 198# division placed second in men's posting a personal best in the squat at 390#. Floyd's adjusted total was 799.


Tom Wolford

Placing third in men's 220# weight class, 39 year old Tom Wolford posted personal bests of 450# squat, 480# deadlift. Tom's adjusted total was 791.


Jim Silverthorne

35 year old Jim Silverthorne posted personal bests of 430# squat, and 505# deadlift. Jim's total weight was 1235#.

Ketchikan's next USA sanctioned Powerlifting Competition is planned for the first week in March 2004.

Penny Eubanks ©2003


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