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SitNews - Stories In The News - Ketchikan, Alaska
November 03, 2022

SitNews Front Page Photo By KATHY FLORA

After the Storm
SitNews Front Page Photo By KATHY FLORA ©2022
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November 8, 2022
General Election
Official AK Election Pamphlets
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Ballot Measure 1: Constitutional Convention Question - Shall there be a constitutional convention?
Alaska Dividion of Elections
Early & Absentee Voting Begins October 24, 2022.
Deadline to request an Absentee By-Mail ballot: Saturday, October 29, 2022

Alaska Gubernatorial Debate: October 19, 2022 - Les Gara (D), Charlie Pierce (R),Bill Walker (I), and Governor Mike Dunleavy (R), candidates in Alaska’s 2022 gubernatorial race, took part in a debated hosted by Alaska Public Media. They answered questions on various issues, including abortion, education, and inflation. Gov.Dunleavy was favored to win the race, which is the first general election gubernatorial race in the state to use Alaska’s ranked-choice voting system. The nonpartisan Cook Political Report with Amy Walter rated the race “likely Republican.”  - Watch the debate on C-Span.

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Alaska Historical: Begich plane disappeared 50 years ago; Two US Congressmen disappeared on ill-fated flight By DAVE KIFFER - Even after half a century, it remains the most famous missing plane in Alaskan history.

On Oct. 16, 1972, a Cessna 310C, tail number N1812H, lifted off from Anchorage International Airport for a three plus hour trip to Juneau. It never arrived and the disappearance would reverberate through Alaskan and national politics for decades.

Because of Alaska's size, lack of roads and often bad weather, it is not unusual for planes, particularly small ones, to come to grief. And for much of Alaska's history is has not been unusual for planes to completely disappear in the vast wilderness and the open ocean.

But with modern electronics and communications, most lost planes are eventually found. When the Cessna, carrying two US Congressmen, failed to arrive in Juneau, it sparked one of the longest and most expenses searches in American history, but no trace of the plane or its four occupants were ever found.

On board were freshman United States Congressman Nick Begich of Alaska and one of the most powerful politicians in the country, Rep. Hale Boggs of Louisiana, the majority leader of the US House. Boggs was campaigning in Alaska for fellow Democrat Begich. Also on board were pilot Don Jonz and Begich's aide, Russell Brown. The three men we headed to a political rally in Juneau, three weeks before the national election.

The plane was operated by Pan Alaska Airways, which was owned by Jonz. Jonz was an experienced Alaskan pilot with more than 17,000 flight hours and more than a decade of air time in Alaska. He did have a reputation as someone willing to push the limits and - even though he was flying under visual flight rules on his last flight - the mid October weather was not good. The plane left Anchorage at 9 in the morning.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board accident report, Jonz had filed a flight plan that included flying over Turnagain Arm and going through Portage Pass to Prince William Sound and then following the coast on down to Yakutat and eventually Juneau. The plane had 6 hours of fuel on board  for the roughly 3 and a half hour flight.

The weather forecast for the area called for marginal flight weather, poor visibility, freezing rain and headwinds and significant turbulence along the coast.

When the plane didn't arrive in Juneau in the early afternoon, officials began searching. They stayed at it for nearly 40 days and covered more than 300,000 square miles. Nearly 100 military and civilian planes took part. It was the largest search and rescue mission in the US up to that point. Nothing was ever found and officials eventually concluded the plane had been lost the mountains or crashed into the ocean.

During the search and the investigation, there were several reports of unknown emergency signals being received up and down the coast. Unfortunately, the federal investigation determined the plane had not been carrying any sort of emergency locator beacon. Shortly before the crash the federal government had announced a new law requiring locator beacons on smaller commercial flights but the deadlin for installation was December of 1972. Jonz was known to carry a portable locator beacon, but it was later found on a different one of his airplanes.

Shortly, after takeoff, Jonz contacted the Anchorage airport to check on an updated weather forecast before heading into the mountains and Portage Pass. That was the last contact with the plane. Officials believe the plane made it safely through the pass and down to Prince WIlliam Sound because no wreckage was found on land.

During the nearly two-month search, several radio operators also reported hearing communications that could have been from the missing plane, but none of those reports was found to be conclusive.

Meanwhile, the election that was the reason for the flight, went on and both Boggs and Begich were easily reelected. Boggs would be replaced by wife. Begich, would be replaced by Don Young, who would go on to serve as Alaska's Congressman for the next 49 years. Young died earlier this year.

Begich would be followed in politics by several of his descendants who would eventually serve in the state legislature, the US Senate and the mayorship of Anchorage. One of his grandchildren is running for US Congress in 2022.

Of course, the disappearance left Alaskans to speculate what had happened and that speculation continues 50 years later. - More...
Thursday - November 03, 2022


Alaska: Alaska’s Election System: Ranked Choice Voting; Winning Requires a Broad Majority Coalition - There can be a tendency by the media and even by some candidates to treat a ranked-choice election like any other, but it’s not. And candidates who use the same old campaign tactics do so to their detriment.

Candidates earn votes and win differently in ranked-choice elections and hopefully campaigned differently. Ranked choice voting (RCV) elections require winners to earn majority support, and that has several important implications for campaigning effectively and winning in a ranked-choice election. 

First and foremost, RCV rewards candidates who build broad coalitions of support. Candidates who reach out to as many voters and communities of voters as possible, and strive to earn, not only 1st, but also 2nd and 3rd choice rankings are most likely to be successful under RCV. Unlike a plurality election, candidates are less likely to win with their base voters alone. Whether taking a progressive, moderate or conservative approach to Alaska policies, successful RCV candidates will want to broaden their base and reach as many voters as possible. Whatever the result, the winning candidate will be the one who made that effort, built the broadest coalition of voter support, and earned a majority in the final round of counting.

Second, negative campaigning and attacking your opponent may backfire. The most successful RCV candidates focus on the issues and refrain from negative attacks since they do not want to alienate their opponents’ supporters and risk those 2nd and 3rd choice votes. The more negative and divisive a candidate is, the more voters that candidate offends, and the fewer 2nd and 3rd choices that candidate earns. - More...
Thursday - November 02, 2022

National: What to do if your vote is challenged on Election Day By KAREN FIGUEROA-CLEWETT - With the general election drawing close, it’s important to know your rights in case your vote is challenged.

The best way to ensure that your vote is counted is to advocate for yourself. I’m a civil rights attorney and lecturer for the University of Southern California’s undergraduate civil rights advocacy initiative, Agents of Change. Here are several straightforward ways to ensure your vote is counted and two practical remedies for you to consider if your vote remains challenged.

A major part of ensuring that you are able to vote is doing the necessary preparation before you even get to the polling place.

Are you registered to vote? Check it out

Before you vote, you need to ensure that you’re registered to vote. You can verify your registration status using this tool. If you can’t use an online tool, then call your local election office or a voter help line like the ones listed in the hotline section below.

If you find you’re not registered, you can use this tool from the National Conference of State Legislatures to find your state’s online registration application. If you need to do this in person, then call your local election office for instructions.

At this point, you may have missed your state’s deadline for voter registration. But it may not be too late to register.

Many states allow same-day registration at the polling site. You can find your state’s same-day voter laws detailed here. Ask the poll worker, at the correct polling location, for a same-day registration form; complete the form, and then ask for a “conditional ballot.” A conditional ballot allows election officials to count your vote after verifying your voter eligibility. If you can’t research online, you can call your local election office to find out if you can register on Election Day. - More...
Thursday - November 03, 2022

National: What is Fog Reveal? A legal scholar explains the app some police forces are using to track people without a warrant By ANNE TOOMEY MCKENNA - Government agencies and private security companies in the U.S. have found a cost-effective way to engage in warrantless surveillance of individuals, groups and places: a pay-for-access web tool called Fog Reveal.

The tool enables law enforcement officers to see “patterns of life” – where and when people work and live, with whom they associate and what places they visit. The tool’s maker, Fog Data Science, claims to have billions of data points from over 250 million U.S. mobile devices.

Fog Reveal came to light when the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a nonprofit that advocates for online civil liberties, was investigating location data brokers and uncovered the program through a Freedom of Information Act request. EFF’s investigation found that Fog Reveal enables law enforcement and private companies to identify and track people and monitor specific places and events, like rallies, protests, places of worship and health care clinics. The Associated Press found that nearly two dozen government agencies across the country have contracted with Fog Data Science to use the tool.

Government use of Fog Reveal highlights a problematic difference between data privacy law and electronic surveillance law in the U.S. It is a difference that creates a sort of loophole, permitting enormous quantities of personal data to be collected, aggregated and used in ways that are not transparent to most persons. That difference is far more important in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision, which revoked the constitutional right to an abortion. Dobbs puts the privacy of reproductive health information and related data points, including relevant location data, in significant jeopardy.

The trove of personal data Fog Data Science is selling, and government agencies are buying, exists because ever-advancing technologies in smart devices collect increasingly vast amounts of intimate data. Without meaningful choice or control on the user’s part, smart device and app makers collect, use and sell that data. It is a technological and legal dilemma that threatens individual privacy and liberty, and it is a problem I have worked on for years as a practicing lawyer, researcher and law professor. - More...
Thursday - November 03, 2022


Ketchikan: KWC Awarded $21,000 by Alaska Community Foundation - The Ketchikan Wellness Coalition is a recipient of the Art, Culture, and Play grant funded by the Healthy Communities program of the Alaska Community Foundation for its Mabuhay – Showcase of Filipino Art, Culture, and Community project under the Strengthening Cultural Unity Task Force. The goal of the grant is to fund activities that engage arts, culture, and play to strengthen and heal communities and enhance wellbeing. KWC pursued the funding to build a dedicated, cross-generational, Filipino dance and musical instruction program, a need identified by Health Equity Coordinator Alma Manabat Parker.

Manabat Parker, of Filipino descent and a dance instructor, recognized that the once vibrant and prominent local group of Filipino cultural performers and musicians had diminished and there is a desire from the entire community to revitalize this valuable multicultural influence in Ketchikan. “This is a wonderful opportunity to honor the traditions of our ancestors from before and to evolve into the ones that we are becoming” shared Manabat Parker. Funds from the grant will be used to bring traditional Filipino dance and music instructors to Ketchikan to train locals to become dance/music instructors, purchase traditional dance regalia and musical instruments, and support performances and events showcasing these artistic and cultural skills. - More...
Thursday - November 03, 2022

Southeast Alaska: DOT&PF & Skagway partner to develop new AMHS ferry facility at Ore Peninsula - Skagway will have the state as a partner in its pursuit to develop new marine facilities for both the Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS) and commercial and private marine businesses. The partnership was outlined in an agreement signed this month by the Municipality of Skagway (MOS) and the Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (DOT&PF). The agreement includes preliminary design, engineering, and a feasibility analysis.

“Alaska’s communities are resourceful and inventive, and this partnership further demonstrates my administration’s commitment to making the Alaska Marine Highway System more durable and reliable,” said Governor Mike Dunleavy.

The facilities being considered at Ore Peninsula will consist of an AMHS ferry berth, terminal building, vehicle staging area, parking, and associated facilities and related improvements. Skagway is interested in the development of a new ferry facility at Ore Peninsula to replace their current aging dock that is threatened by ongoing cliff erosion. - More...
Thursday - November 03, 2022

What lives in frozen soil for 25,000 years?

What lives in frozen soil for 25,000 years?

Josephine Galipon of Keio University in Japan shows a field kit she has invented for studying microorganisms in the field. She used it to study microorganisms collected by her colleague Go Iwahana from the U.S. Army’s Permafrost Tunnel Research Facility in Fox, Alaska, recently.
Photo by Ned Rozell


Alaska: What lives in frozen soil for 25,000 years? By NED ROZELL - Standing in the 29-degree air outside a building on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus, Josephine Galipon held a pinkie-size vial that may have held tiny organisms locked in a coma for thousands of years.

Galipon, a researcher with Keio University in Japan, needed to work outside a heated room so as not to disturb molecules that have been motionless in frozen ground for as long as 25,000 years. That was a time when giant sheets of ice pressed down on most of North America.

In October 2022, Galipon visited Alaska to see if she could tease out genetic information from gray cylinders of permafrost — silty soil that has been frozen for at least two years, but in this case thousands.

Using a large drill with a hollow bit, Galipon’s colleague Go Iwahana of UAF’s International Arctic Research Center pulled the samples from the U.S. Army’s Permafrost Tunnel Research Facility in Fox, Alaska, a few hours before. 

Galipon planned to examine ancient RNA, molecules living things use to express traits that help them survive, such as producing more heat to withstand the cold.

And what might still be living within plugs of frigid soil?

Scientists have found 1,500-year-old moss in Antarctica permafrost that came back to life when warmed. From permafrost extracted in Siberia, researchers have coaxed back to life bacteria and small worms known as nematodes that wriggled 41,000 years after they were suspended in ice.

Scientists have found 1,500-year-old moss in Antarctica permafrost that came back to life when warmed. From permafrost extracted in Siberia, researchers have coaxed back to life bacteria and small worms known as nematodes that wriggled 41,000 years after they were suspended in ice.

Galipon is not expecting such a bounty of creatures in her few samples, but she was excited to look for viable molecules of RNA — ribonucleic acid — that would tell her what creatures were in the soil at the time cold penetrated down from the grasses above.

“RNA tells us how the thing is dealing with the environment,” she said. “How do these microbes adapt to cold and warmth? What’s the range of temperatures they can withstand and survive, and how do they do it?”

She described a DNA molecule as sort of a dictionary of everything a living thing can do, and an RNA molecule as the few words that express what that creature does to survive.  - More...
Thursday - November 03, 2022

Columns - Commentary



TOM PURCELL: PRE-ELECTION STRESS DISORDER - I’m already anxious about the outcome.

I speak of next week’s elections, and a modern malady the Mayo Clinic refers to as “Election Stress Disorder.”

“We notice it in our bodies, the tension in our shoulders,” says Dr. Robert Bright, a Mayo Clinic psychiatrist. “Sometimes people get GI (gastrointestinal) upset or headaches. People have trouble sleeping.”

Bright says the scary negative political ads aren’t helping our stress levels.

“He is the candidate who voted in favor of puppy mills and sugar rationing and making chocolate chip cookies illegal!” such ads may as well say.

Every time there’s an election, we’re told that it’s the most important in our lifetime — that if candidate XYZ wins, the sky will collapse, Earth will become a giant sinkhole, the Sun will stop shining….

If we let the hyperbole get to us, it’s no wonder it induces such a powerful stress response.

The origin of stress goes back to the early days of humans, when many creatures didn’t view us as their superiors, but as their lunch. - More...
Thursday - November 03, 2022


JOE GUZZARDI: IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONISTS BRACE FOR LOOMING LAME-DUCK SESSION - Between today and January 3, 2023 when the 118th Congress convenes, the nation may undergo a shift away from the party that minimizes border security to the party that favors enforcement and a more rational immigration policy. The outcome will depend on more than the election night results.

A hotly contested lame-duck session that will include a major amnesty push will play a significant role in the political dynamic of the next two years. Voters have consistently rejected amnesty because legalizing illegal immigrants incentivizes future illegal immigration waves and immediately expands the labor market, harming U.S. workers.

Lame-duck sessions represent opportunities for the outgoing Congress to make one final push for their pet causes, even though, despite their terms in office, they’ve been unable to legislatively achieve their personal wish list. From the defeated or retired legislators’ perspectives, since they’re no longer accountable to their constituents, they have nothing to lose.. - More...
Thursday - November 03, 2022


FINANCIAL FOCUS: Avoid becoming ‘burden’ on grown children Provided By BEN EDWARDS, AAMS® -Here’s an interesting statistic: Some 72% of retirees say one of their biggest fears is becoming a burden on their families, according to a 2021 survey by Age Wave and Edward Jones. Both before and during retirement, what steps can you take to avoid burdening your loved ones in the future?

Here are a few suggestions:

• Build your retirement savings. The greater your financial resources, the less likely it becomes that you’d ever have to count on your grown children for financial support. You may have access to a 401(k) or similar retirement plan at work, so take advantage of it. Even with an employer-sponsored plan, you also may be eligible to contribute to an IRA. In addition to offering a variety of investment options, a 401(k) and IRA provide potential tax advantages. And once you do retire, be careful about how much you withdraw each year from your retirement plans and other investments. - More...
Thursday - November 03, 2022


jpg Political Cartoon: Election Wine

Political Cartoon: Election Wine
by Christopher Weyant©2022, The Boston Globe, MA
Distributed to subscribers for publication by CagleCartoons.com

jpg Political Cartoon: Election Pollster

Political Cartoon: Election Pollster
by Gary McCoy,©2022 Shiloh, IL
Distributed to subscribers for publication by CagleCartoons.com

jpg Political Cartoon:  Rooting for the Election Result on TV

Political Cartoon:  Rooting for the Election Result on TV
by Daryl Cagle©2022, CagleCartoons.com
Distributed to subscribers for publication by CagleCartoons.com

jpg Political Cartoons: Bear Cave

Political Cartoons: Bear Cave
by Rivers©2022, CagleCartoons.com
Distributed to subscribers for publication by CagleCartoons.com

jpg Political Cartoons: Root of Inflation

Political Cartoons: Root of Inflation
by Pat Bagley, The Salt Lake Tribune, UT
Distributed to subscribers for publication by CagleCartoons.com

jpg Political Cartoon: Microplastics monster

Political Cartoon: Microplastics monster
by John Cole©2022, The Scranton Times-Tribune, PA
Distributed to subscribers for publication by CagleCartoons.com


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jpg Opinion

Bynum is the Clear Choice for State Rep By Riley Gass - The following represents my opinion and mine alone.

In my six years of refereeing Kayhi basketball with Jeremy Bynum, I have gotten a good clear look into his character, background, knowledge, ideas, and experiences. He has become a true friend and someone I look up to. Jeremy probably has more exciting and meaningful experiences than most people I know between his service in the U.S Air Force and Army, as well as his career in developing and maintaining clean renewable energy through his role as a Hydropower Engineer. His incredibly diverse background makes him a great choice to represent us; he has a background of working with people from all different backgrounds and ideas to get results. 

Despite Jeremy’s extensive military background, his accomplishments in higher education, receiving of an engineering degree and professional engineering license, his impeccable understanding of our government, and experience in local government on the Borough Assembly, he is extremely friendly and approachable to ANYONE. If you have been out and about to any event, basketball game, show, play, concert, or even grocery shopping, you will see Jeremy engaging with and hearing from the people. This ability to find common ground and engage with people, who he may not agree with on all things, will help him to get results for us. He also has put in many trips to Wrangell, Metlakatla, and Coffman Cove to hear from the people of those communities who we (in Ketchikan) share House District 1 with. He doesn’t show up for a quick event and fly back out, rather spends several days, going door-to-door to hear straight from the people. - More...
Saturday - November 05, 2022

jpg Opinion

Reelect Rep. Dan Ortiz By Austin Otos- I’m writing to express my full support for re-electing Rep. Dan Ortiz as District 1’s Representative to the Alaska State House of Representatives. It’s simply in the best interest of the community of Ketchikan and all the communities of District 1 that Rep. Ortiz is re-elected.

Over the last eight years of Dan’s dedicated service as our District Representative, he has built up both his seniority and influence within the Alaska Legislature. He has served the past four years as Vice Chair of the powerful House Finance committee and has a very good chance of becoming Co-Chair of House Finance if he is re-elected. He has established strong relationships with Representatives and Senators of both parties and works particularly well with our Republican Senator Bert Stedman, who has held a Co-Chair of Finance position for the past 6 years in the Alaska Senate. Dan’s voting record matches Senator’s Stedman’s at a 99% rate, the communities and the voters of District 1 have invested 8 years in Dan’s service by electing him four times, we need to continue to benefitting from that investment. I urge the voters of District 1 to vote to re-elect Dan. It’s clearly in our best interest that we do so. - More...
Saturday - November 05, 2022

jpg Opinion

Kelly Tshibaka for U.S. Senate By Hannah Ramiskey - Kelly Tshibaka has visited Ketchikan three times since last year’s Blueberry Festival. We have spoken about her family, her education, her work history, and her values. She was raised by her father, a union electrician, and her mother, who worked on the North Slope oil fields. An American middle-class family--she identifies with those people. She deeply feels that Washington DC believes that it is the federal government’s right to keep Alaska as a welfare state--doling out money to keep us subservient, but never giving Alaskans their promised land and resources to make us an independent people. We are to be thankful for their occasional handouts at election time.

Kelly has told us about the Biden Administration’s 30 X 30 plan - look it up. The goal is to lock up 30% of America’s land mass by 2030 for preservation that will never again have a human footprint. I wish U.S. Senator Murkowski felt that Alaskans should be aware of this proposed action. Wyoming and Montana have heard and are up in arms. Unlike unaware Alaskans, they can see the handwriting on the wall - which states are most likely to be cordoned off? I think we can guess. - More...
Saturday - November 05, 2022

jpg Opinion

From Candidate Bynum’s Wife By Carolyn Henry - I am a 15-year Ketchikan resident, healthcare professional, community volunteer, and the wife of Candidate Jeremy Bynum.

No matter the outcome, on the evening of November 8th, Jeremy and I will go to bed feeling very proud and grateful at the end of his campaign. Jeremy entered the House District 1 race on June 1, just slightly over 5 months ago. In that very short amount of time, we are extremely honored by the excitement and support we have garnered in a race against a 4-term incumbent. For those that have been behind us, please know that we will be forever grateful and humbled by your support.

We have also run a campaign fueled by truly grass-roots efforts and local, grass-roots contributions and volunteers. We do not have any fancy campaign management, financial firms, or campaign advisors on board. We are the ones managing and filing our own financial disclosures, creating ads, scheduling and coordinating events and travel, addressing mailings, getting out signs, responding to inquiries… you name it! - More...
Saturday - November 05, 2022

jpg Opinion

Reelect Rep. Dan Ortiz By Larry Jackson - I would like to express my appreciation and support for Dan Ortiz as the representative to the state legislature. I have know Dan in many capacities over the last 35 years. As one of his students in the 80’s, as a coach, as a fellow parishioner, as a runner, as a customer at my business and most recently as our representative.

Several things stand out over the years. Dan is about service to others. When our daughter was in a local theatre production she received a nice note from Dan after expressing his admiration of her efforts. Thanks Dan for your lifetime involvement in our town. - More...
Saturday - November 05, 2022

jpg Opinion

Response to Rep. Stutes' Letter By Susan Dotson In response to the letter by Rep. Louise Stutes on Nov. 3rd.

As the Speaker of the Alaska House, you forgot to say you head up the Democrat binding caucus, which you and one other Republican created with the Democrats after Alaskans voted in a Republican majority. One of the Republicans joining you was censured by her District for joining you, which Dan Ortiz belongs to also.

Louise Stutes states in her letter she and Dan Ortiz fight against special interests. Still, it is a known fact that every year the same special interests and unions you claim to fight against are sending letters to you and every Legislator in the House and Senate demanding that a full PFD not be paid to Alaskans. The full statutory PFD has not been paid for six years because of special interest groups and your leadership in the House. The same special interest groups donate to your and Dan Ortiz's campaigns. A simple search of APOC Campaign Disclosure will show this. - More...
Saturday - November 05, 2022

jpg video

The Truth Every Alaskan Deserves to Know Before Tuesday By Senator Shelley Hughes, Alaska Senate Majority Leader - View...
Saturday - November 05, 2022

jpg Opinion

Biden continuously assaults Alaska; Murkowski is an accomplice By Kelly Tshibaka - In his never-ending advocacy for environmental extremists, President Joe Biden has issued one dictator-like ruling after another, specifically targeting Alaska and ruining economic opportunities for our hard-working families. No other state has been singled out like Alaska in Biden’s radical agenda, and perhaps no other senator has been as complicit in the assault on her own constituents as Lisa Murkowski.

In exchange for the approval of Washington, D.C. insiders and the praise of the corporate news media, Murkowski opposed President Donald Trump in both of his campaigns and fought him throughout his presidency. In doing so, she helped pave the way for a Biden in 2020, even though she represents a state which Trump carried twice by double digits. - More...
Saturday - November 05, 2022

jpg Opinion

David vs Goliath: The State Constitutional Convention Question on the Ballot by Senator Shelley Hughes, Senate Majority Leader - Alaskans, I respectfully implore you to recognize that the flood of paid advertisements you’ve been hearing about a state constitutional convention may not be telling you the whole story – and dare I say is “spinning” the story to protect the power and wealth of some who believe they would benefit more from your “no” vote.

We are at a crossroads. We all have an important decision to make, and these are the questions we need to answer. Consider each. - More...
Thursday - November 03, 2022

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Voting For Bynum and Tshibaka By Ann McKim - his election year I am voting for a change!

I will be voting for Jeremy Bynum as State Representative. He has shown himself to be a thoughtful voice and votes on the Ketchikan Borough Assembly. His careful deliberation, and ability to listen to the voices of the people who call him as well as testify in person have impressed me! Jeremy is a veteran, referees local basketball games, and is on the UAS Ketchikan Campus Advisory Council.  - More...
Thursday - November 03, 2022  

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Voting is a Privilege By Angela Salazar - As a small business owner, I have always been hesitant to publicly support specific candidates for fear of alienating my customers and/or potential backlash from those who may get elected that I didn’t support. I am not sure why I am deciding to now as there has never been a more polarizing political environment that I can remember, however I feel called to share my perspective, nonetheless.

I am a registered Independent. I have historically voted mostly Republican. However, I have never voted for someone based on their party affiliation and have always chosen the candidate that lines up with my personal and communal values. Sometimes there is a candidate that provides more potential personal benefits but if the communal detriment is greater, I will put aside what is best for me and support my community. I am so disheartened by the extremes and the hypocrisy of the far left and right and the decision making to benefit a party rather than the greater good and those he/she is elected to serve. - More...
Thursday - November 03, 2022

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Jeremy Bynum for State Rep By Hans and Laura Antonsen - Our family will be voting for Jeremy Bynum for State Representative for District 1.

Jeremy will bring a new perspective to leadership in Juneau.

As a man who served in the US Air Force at home and abroad he learned how to represent himself and our country.

As a manager for KPU, he understands how public utilities work for the benefit of local residents and how that also affects our region.

As an elected Assembly Ketchikan Gateway Borough Member, he has proved that voters trust him. - More...
Thursday - November 03, 2022

jpg Opinion

Ortiz is a fierce and effective advocate By Louise Stutes - I was perplexed by the recent comments shared by District 1 House Candidate Jeremy Bynum in his opening remarks while debating Representative Dan Ortiz in Ketchikan on Thursday, October 13.

 In referring to the leadership style of Rep. Ortiz, Mr. Bynum stated that “We're not going to nice our way to success …”, followed by inferences that Dan hasn’t fought for his constituents.

 While Mr. Bynum certainly is correct that Rep. Ortiz is a nice person, the rest of his characterization could not be further from the truth.

Dan and I have served in the legislature together for 8 years, and I can attest that he has been a bulldog for Southern Southeast Alaska. - More...
Thursday - November 03, 2022

jpg Opinion

VOTE FOR A PROVEN LEADER DAN ORTIZ By Caryl Williams - Hello District #1: Please join me in supporting Dan Ortiz on November 8th, House District #1.

Dan has served in the House of Representatives for 8 years. He has built a consensus among his peers; he has achieved respect and seniority; and, he has held very important positions such as Vice Chair of House Finance, House Fisheries Committee and House Tribal Affairs. Dan has also been very influential in supporting the Alaska Marine Highway, which is our essential road system in S.E. Alaska.

It is a big challenge for S.E. Representatives to be appointed to any committee work, it takes consensus, which Dan has proven his voice is heard, with results for District #1. His mannerism is very influential. - More...
Thursday - November 11, 2022

jpg Opinion

A LOT OF POLITICAL LIARS AND ACTORS WHO SAY ONE THING AND DO ANOTHER MUST WAKE THIS NATION UP, INCLUDING ALASKA, OR WE LOSE OUR RIGHTS AS A FREE NATION By Mike Sheldon - Hello, I'm Mike Sheldon, and I'm running against incumbent Bert Stedman in Alaska's general election on Nov. 8.

We can opt to support a bloated government by voting for the moderate Stedman or following Mike Sheldon's conservative stance.

Policy Ideas:

• Stand up for the US Constitution to defend our Second Amendment rights, such as the freedom to keep and bear arms.

• Pro-life: We must uphold life rather than end it by murdering the defenseless! Planned Parenthood should be funded no more! Boys and girls protect our future as responsible citizens. - More...
Thursday - November 03, 2022

jpg Opinion

Replace Dan Ortiz and Lisa Murkowski By Rob Holston - Leonide M. Tanner, wrote in Clinical Obstetrics & Gynecology, prior to Roe V Wade:  “Through public conditioning, use of language, concepts and laws, the idea of abortion can be separated from the idea of killing.” 

The same year an L.A.Medical Symposium offered this training, “IF you say, ‘Suck out the baby’, you may easily generate or increase trauma; say instead, ‘Empty the uterus,’ or ‘We will scrape the lining of the uterus,’ but NEVER (say), ‘We will scrape away the baby.’” 

Many (like Dan and Lisa) have been thus brainwashed into believing that abortions are not harmful and fail to recognize that the definition of a successful abortion is the KILLING of an INNOCENT HUMAN LIFE, i.e. a BABY. 

“Get rid of Kid” should be the bumper sticker in support of Pro-Choice politicians and Planned Parenthood workers.  In all reality they are both supporting and benefiting from the “legal” right to kill your pre-born baby.  - More...
Thursday - November 03, 2022

jpg Opinion

Jeremy Bynum for State Rep By Sharyl E. Yeisley - I will be voting for Jeremy Bynum for District 1 State Representative in our upcoming election, November 8th. Over time, I have been able to get to know Jeremy and his wife, Carolyn, which has provided me the opportunity to ask him questions that pertain to Alaska and get to know his background. - More...
Thursday - October 27, 2022

jpg Opinion

Let's Vote Dan Ortiz to another term By Richard H. Smith - After watching the Ted Ferry civic Center candidate debate event virtually, I am compelled to again express my support for Representative Dan Ortiz. Watching my community in Ketchikan, indeed Alaska realign solely along party line is discouraging.- More...
Thursday - October 27, 2022

jpg Opinion

Despite Murkowski’s claims, Alaska won’t see benefits of infrastructure bill By By Kelly Tshibaka - According to an old adage, if you stand in the middle of the road, sooner or later you’ll get run over. That’s exactly what happened when Sen. Lisa Murkowski decided to work with the radical environmentalists in the Biden administration. Murkowski helped write an "infrastructure" bill that was immediately hijacked by Biden administration extremists who are imposing smothering regulations that will likely leave Alaska without the new projects Murkowski promised. - More...
Thursday - October 27, 2022

jpg Opinion

Vote for your children’s future. Vote because it’s patriotic. By Rob Okun - Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves. The only way they could do this is by not voting.  - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Since midterm elections rarely have the pizazz of a presidential c dontest, a lot of eligible citizens don’t bother to vote in them. To a growing number of those citizens who do vote, failing to cast a ballot this year would be comparable to crewmembers of the Titanic abandoning their posts as the ship approached the iceberg. I’m not being hyperbolic. - More...
Thursday - October 27, 2022

jpg Opinion

Your brain on elections By Melinda Burrell - “I’m afraid what Thanksgiving will be like, no matter how the election turns out,” a friend commented. She’s not wrong to be worried. Elections bring up all sorts of emotions and behaviors that create division. Understanding our “brains on elections” can help.- More...
Thursday - October 27, 2022

jpg Opinion

Vote Dan Ortiz for House Representative By Barbara L Bigelow and Richard H. Smith - My spouse (Richard H. Smith) and I write this letter of dedicated support for House Representative Dan Ortiz. Dan has been serving the communities in his district for several years and is what we call a seasoned leader. Others desire to serve, but we choose to put our vote where one leader stands out among others and has an extraordinarily strong record of commitment to the overall best interests of his constituency. - More...
Monday - October 17, 2022

jpg Opinion

DAN ORTIZ ENDORSEMENT FOR ALASKA STATE HOUSE, 2022 By Jim and Mary Lynne Dahl - The upcoming Alaska state election will be critical to the future of our state. As retired financial planners with 25 and 43 years in Ketchikan, we have always taken a broad and long-term view of how to solve problems and plan for a prosperous future. It is for this reason that we will vote for Dan Ortiz for District 1, Alaska State House this coming November. - More...
Monday - October 17, 2022

jpg Opinion

Actions set an example of civic pride without fanfare By A.M.Johnson - While driving home this afternoon, I witnessed what I have been seeing for the past several months swearing to comment on it. It is the gentleman who is wandering along the streets of Ketchikan picking up trash. I cheered him on silently reflecting on past history of Ketchikan when the court would allow folks arrested for minor issues resulting in short jail time, to acquire a city provided garbage can on wheels and implements, of which they would clear the street gutters much as this apparent volunteer is employing. - More...
Monday - October 17, 2022

jpg Opinion

AMHS Season Change Update By Rep. Dan Ortiz - As your state representative, one of the concerns I hear most frequently about is our Alaska Marine Highway System. I am thankful for the educated, vocal, and committed constituency we have here in southern Southeast. Continuing to speak up about what we need from the ferry system is vital.. - More...
Monday - October 17, 2022

jpg Opinion

RE: Reconciliations took decades to come By A.M.(Al) Johnson - I was a young vestry member of St. Johns during this decision. It was heart rendering, tremulous and yes, it was a fiscal decision, the decision was as I recall, which of the two church buildings would be shuttered. The logical answer was to retain St. Johns in part, to the location. This decision followed the advocation of the then viewed, fiscal condition of the Alaska  Episcopalian diocese's  conditions where funds to maintain the two churches argued with the needs of the over all of the diocese. - More...
Monday - October 17, 2022

jpg Opinion

Getting people back into the Ketchikan workforce By Michael Hosley - We here at First City Haven shelter in Ketchikan are reaching out to members of the community to gauge interest in a community work program we are working on to help those who are able and willing to work to reintegrate into the workforce and gain more current work experience. - More...
Monday- October 17, 2022

jpg Opinion

November Election Issues By Donald Moskowitz - The upcoming mid-term election and possibly the general election in 2024 could revolve around three major issues ------ internal threats to our democracy, abortion and inflation. - More...
Monday - October 17, 2022

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