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April 14, 2005

Front Page Photo by Carl Thompson

Eagle Center Provides Second Chance For Injured Birds
Handler Ron Zelenka with a Bald Eagle
Story and Photos By Carl Thompson

photosKetchikan: Eagle Center Provides Second Chance For Injured Birds By Carl Thompson - Certain death faces an injured bird unable to survive on its own in the wild. If it were not for facilities like Ketchikan Indian Community's Eagle Center, over a dozen magnificent birds would not be alive today.

Ketchikan Indian Community's Deer Mountain Tribal Hatchery and Eagle Center located in Ketchikan is currently home to 15 birds: two Harris Hawks, three Red-tailed Hawks, four Bald Eagles, one Golden Eagle, two Ravens, one American Kestrel, one Goshawk and one Great Horned Owl. These 15 creatures have one thing in common, they have all been injured to the point that they cannot be returned to the wild. - More...
Thursday - April 14, 2005

Ketchikan: Forest Service Seeks Public Input for Duke Island Project - Forest Service Seeks Public Input for Duke Island Project; Public meeting slated for April 19th - The Tongass National Forest's Ketchikan-Misty Fiords Ranger District has received a plan of operations from Quaterra Alaska, Inc., for proposed mining exploration activities on Duke Island near Ketchikan. Exploration activities would include core drilling, rock sampling and mapping. Platinum is the primary mineral of interest. - More...
Thursday - April 14, 2005

Ketchikan: SHI To Host Celebration For Haida Language Students - Sealaska Heritage Institute is hosting a celebration for students who recently completed 100 hours of classroom instruction in Haida, one of the most endangered Native languages in Southeast Alaska. - More...
Thursday - April 14, 2005

Alaska: Education Infrastructure Bill Passes Senate - Wednesday the Alaska Senate passed landmark legislation to expand the educational opportunities for all of Alaska's school age children and university students. The Education Infrastructure Bill (SB 155) funds the renovation and construction of public school and university facilities statewide. - More...
Thursday - April 14, 2005

National: Senators vow more regulations for data collectors By LAWRENCE M. O'ROURKE - Highly personal information about the credit history, Social Security numbers, health records and bank accounts of millions of Americans has been stolen, lost or improperly sold from the electronic files of private companies that collect and market such data, a Senate committee was told Wednesday.- More...
Thursday - April 14, 2005

National: Beleaguered DeLay blames Democrats for woes By MARGARET TALEV - Known as "The Hammer," House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has long been feared on Capitol Hill for his partisan ruthlessness, fundraising prowess and knack for keeping his own party's troops in line. - More..
Thursday - April 14, 2005

National: Senate wrangles over immigration legislation By MICHAEL DOYLE - The Senate on Wednesday cracked open an immigration fight that many lawmakers had fervently hoped to postpone. - More...
Thursday - April 14, 2005

National: Lawmakers hope to add more science, math teachers By LOGAN C. ADAMS - Sponsors of a new bill in the House hope to add interest in science, mathematics and engineering by cutting interest. - More...
Thursday - April 14, 2005

Science: When Earth was gasping for breath By LEE BOWMAN - The world nearly suffocated about 250 million years ago, according to a new study of oxygen levels drawn from sediments laid down around the time of the biggest mass extinction in Earth's history. - More...
Thursday - April 14, 2005



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Michael Reagan: Democrats in Denial - Last November we had an election. The Republicans won the White House again, and strengthened their control of both houses of Congress. In other words, they won.

You'd think that the losers would accept their defeat, as losers have done throughout the long history of this republic. The people have spoken, loud and clear. They want the GOP running things in Washington but the Democrats aren't listening. Instead of being gracious in defeat, they are sulking like a bunch of spoiled brats whose parents won't let them stay up late to watch TV. Their attitude is that if they can't be in charge in Washington and shove their socialist programs down our throats they are going to do everything by hook or by crook to stop the Republicans from doing what the voters sent them to the nation's capital to do ­ be in charge. - More...
Thursday - April 14, 2005

Will Durst: Cyclop's Pink Eye - President George Bush's nomination for U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations is John Bolton, a well known critic of that very organization. And to say he's a critic of the U.N. might be an understatement on the order of saying the Swift Boat Veterans were not John Kerry's biggest fans. Bolton has gone so far as to declare that as far he's concerned the U.N. doesn't exist. Call me wacky, but shouldn't the guy who's going to represent us at least accept the institution's existence? And does this skepticism extend to the structure itself? If so, how's the man going to get to work? Is he destined to wander aimlessly around the East Side of Manhattan querying strangers as to the location of his own personal Brigadoon? - More...
Thursday - April 14, 2005

Steve Brewer: I don't want to hear you now - Can you hear me now? No? Good.

According to a recent poll, you probably don't want to hear me when I'm talking on my cell phone. And I certainly don't want to hear you. - More...
Thursday - April 14, 2005

Preston MacDougall: Chemical Eye on Waves of Light - In spite of his role as one of the founders of quantum theory, Albert Einstein didn't much like it - too "spooky". He was certain that something was missing, though he never found it.

April 18th marks the fiftieth anniversary of his death, and an Austrian physicist has planned a day-long, once around the world, wave of light to salute the man who quantized it. To honor his life, a committee of physicists has compiled year-long plans for 2005, the World Year of Physics and the centennial of his annus mirabilis, or miracle year. - More...
Thursday - April 14, 2005

James Derk: Tech tips on Service Pack 2, Google, more - Tidbits from the computing world and the repair bench fill the space this week. Let's get right to it.

Beginning April 12, Microsoft turned on Windows XP Service Pack 2 as a "required, critical update," forcing the 200 MB download on your machine even if you installed the previously issued patch to block it. (This assumes you have Automatic Update installed, as many of us do.)

Deroy Murdock: Market personal accounts as Social Security Choice - President Bush's proposed personal retirement accounts are trapped in a mind-numbing symposium on Social Security's long-term solvency, wage- versus inflation-based indexing of benefits, FICA-tax caps and other arcana. Before Americans lapse into a collective trance, the president should reinvigorate this debate by promoting his idea as Social Security Choice. - More...
Thursday - April 14, 2005

Jay Ambrose: A question of decency - Chicago's DePaul University, which has taken a couple of hits for its grotesque squashing of a professor's free-speech rights, is hitting back, adding defamatory insult to career-ending injury - and a question comes to mind.

It's a question that was asked by the counsel for the Army in 1954 when Sen. Joseph McCarthy was seeking out communists in the government. He threw his charges around with little or no evidence, others in Congress did the same and sometimes reputations were recklessly ruined. - More...
Thursday - April 14, 2005

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photosAlaskan Chris Leding: 1886-1975; A Norwegian adventurer - By June Allen - Today's Ketchikan phone book includes a fair share of Scandinavian surnames. There are, however, relatively few Norse names among the records of the town's earliest settlers. Most of Ketchikan's Norwegian population originated later, during the early 1920s when the halibut fleet, its skippers, crewmen and families moved north from the Seattle area. An exception was the late Chris Leding, who wasn't yet a fisherman  when he settled down in Ketchikan the mid-1920s and who discovered commercial fishing much later in life. - More...
Thursday - April 07, 2005

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