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Saturday - Sunday
September 20 - 21, 2003


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front page photo by Chris Wilhelm

Alaska: State education board holds off on waiver rules - The State Board of Education delayed approving rules that would allow some students who fail graduation qualifying exams to get a diploma anyway. - Read more...
Fairbanks Daily News Miner - Sunday - September 21, 2003

Valdez: Major cruise line industry says goodbye to Valdez - The departure of the Celebrity cruise ship Summit with her 1.950 passengers ended more than the 2003 tourist season here -- it ended all major cruise-ship visits to this port for the foreseeable future. - Read more...
Anchorage Daily News - Sunday - September 21, 2003

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People of Ketchikan:
Father & Daughter - Ketchikan residents Elwin Klein and Kathy Stack - father and daughter - take time to pose for the camera Friday.

Elwin Klein, now in his eighties, came to Alaska as a young man and first settled in Petersberg where Kathy, who is now married to Lyle Stack, was born. She was raised in Ketchikan.

Working on the Alcan Highway while in the Army is among Klein's many life adventures over the years. Klein retired as head of the meter shop at K.P.U. in 1985 and has many stories to tell about being a line man. - View a larger photo...
Saturday - September 20, 2003 - 12:45 am

Photo: Elwin Klein & Kathy Stack
photo by MC Kauffman

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Photo courtesy Jerry Cegelske...

Ketchikan: Camper Dumped at Knutson Cove; Borough Seeks Help In Finding Owner - Citizens being taxed to clean up the messes left by others... Jerry Cegelske, Code Enforcement Officer with the Ketchikan Gateway Borough, reports that "people are continuing to make the citizens of the borough responsible for their trash and junk." Cegelske said he is looking for help in finding the owner of a camper that has been dumped at Knutson Cove. He said, "It is bad enough that they dump it, but then the problem is made worse by the vandals that trash the trash." - Read more...
Saturday - September 20, 2003 - 12:45 am

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Close Encounters of the Squirrel Kind
photo by Kathy Stack

Ketchikan: Close Encounters of the Squirrel Kind story by MC Kauffman... Rarely seen but as abundant as red squirrels in Alaska are the Northern Flying Squirrels. And according to a story told by Ketchikan resident Kathy Stack, it appears that she has had 'close encounters of the squirrel kind' with several of these creatures.

Stack said she has her computer located next to a window where she can work and enjoy viewing a squirrel feeder. She said one night around 2 am while working she heard a noise. The window was open and she said she looked up and was surprised to see an ugly creature starring back at her from the window ledge. Stack said, "It had huge eyes, a pushed in chin - not cute. I said get out of here and it ran, but it came right back and started to eat the cracked corn." Stack said she was again surprised when another smaller one appeared. - Read more...
Saturday - September 20, 2003 - 12:45 am

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Isabel & Mary Kauffman
Photo by Dick Kauffman

People of Ketchikan: 'Mother Goose' - Retired teacher and long-time Ketchikan resident Mary Kauffman is the volunteer webmaster for Sitnews and could possibly qualify as 'Mother Goose.'

It isn't all work and no play - every day Kauffman finds time to hug a goose - or two, or more. In this candid photo taken on Friday, four month old Isabel is enjoying a hug. Unseen in this photo are two other geese - Newton and Frances - who are standing at her feet waiting their turn for hugs.

Kauffman said, "Hugging a goose is a delightful thrill but I wouldn't recommend that everyone just run out and try to hug a goose. Geese can bite."

Kauffman enjoys taking care of her multitude of critters including dogs, cats, ducks, peafowl - and of course geese.

No neighborhood stray goes unfed or neglected - seems there's always room for one more! - View a larger photo...
Saturday - September 20, 2003 - 12:45 am

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Alaska: Alaska Fish Tested For Mercury, Get Clean Bill of Health - Friday Governor Frank H. Murkowski announced the results of a study conducted by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation seafood and food safety laboratory that shows mercury levels are very low in the most frequently consumed fish from Alaska. Mercury levels in wild Alaska salmon are among the lowest found.

Murkowski said the study is important because of the national focus on mercury levels in fish. Recent national fish advisories that recommended limiting consumption of fish did not take into account evidence of the low levels of mercury in Alaska fish, especially wild Alaska salmon.

"These results reinforce what we've known all along---that Alaska's fish are not only very tasty, healthy and full of important nutrients, but they are safe to eat, especially wild Alaska salmon," Murkowski said. - Read more...
Saturday - September 20, 2003 - 12:45 am

Alaska: Gov. Murkowski Sends State's Position to Energy Bill Conferees - Governor Frank H. Murkowski on Friday released a letter to the Congressional conferees on the energy bill, expressing the State of Alaska's concerns on those portions of the bill most crucial to Alaska. The provisions include the fiscal incentives for the natural gas pipeline, ANWR, a tax credit for heavy oil, and more exploration and development in NPR-A. - Read more...
Saturday - September 20, 2003 - 12:45 am

Alaska: Governor Seeks Applicants for Salmon Marketing Grants; State matching funds available to help sell wild Alaska salmon - Gov. Frank H. Murkowski announced Friday the next step in his program to increase Alaska's share of international markets for fish. He is calling on private industry to match $10 million of state funds to more effectively market Alaska salmon.

"Commercial fishing and processing are critical elements in the economy and culture of coastal Alaska, but this industry confronts significant challenges in marketing its products," Murkowski said. "By inviting proposals from the private sector on how to better market Alaska's wild salmon, and by requiring a match, we hope to unleash the creative energy of the private sector to promote sales." - Read more...
Saturday - September 20, 2003 - 12:45 am



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