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Camper Dumped at Knutson Cove;
Borough Seeks Help In Finding Owner
Citizens being taxed to clean up the messes left by others...


September 20, 2003
Saturday - 12:45 am

Ketchikan, AK - Jerry Cegelske, Code Enforcement Officer with the Ketchikan Gateway Borough, reports that "people are continuing to make the citizens of the borough responsible for their trash and junk." Cegelske said he is looking for help in finding the owner of a camper that has been dumped at Knutson Cove. He said, "It is bad enough that they dump it, but then the problem is made worse by the vandals that trash the trash."

Cegelske said, "Borough tax dollars, equipment and personnel will be used to clean up the mess which should be used for purposes such as schools and other public services. Dumping of vehicles and trash is a continuing problem which costs the Borough and robs the residents of goods and services they would otherwise receive. "

He said, "Each of us is being taxed to clean up the messes left by these selfish people. We are being robbed by their actions and we need to stop it now. There are proper disposal sites which these people refuse to use, let's make them use the correct sites so our tax dollars aren't wasted cleaning up their trash."

Cegelske is asking that anyone with information that would assist him in identifying the owner of the camper dumped at Knutson Cove to contact him at the Borough office.



Photos of camper dumped at Knutson Cove courtesy Jerry Cegelske....



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