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'Mother Goose'
photo & text by Dick Kauffman


September 20, 2003
Saturday - 12:45 am

Ketchikan, AK - Retired teacher and long-time Ketchikan resident Mary Kauffman is the volunteer webmaster for Sitnews and could possibly qualify as 'Mother Goose.'

It isn't all work and no play - every day Kauffman finds time to hug a goose - or two, or more. In this candid photo taken on Friday, four month old Isabel is enjoying a hug. Unseen in this photo are two other geese - Newton and Frances - who are standing at her feet waiting their turn for hugs.

Kauffman said, "Hugging a goose is a delightful thrill but I wouldn't recommend that everyone just run out and try to hug a goose. Geese can bite."

Kauffman enjoys taking care of her multitude of critters including dogs, cats, ducks, peafowl - and of course geese.

No neighborhood stray goes unfed or neglected - seems there's always room for one more!


Photo: Isabel
& Mary Kauffman




Dick Kauffman ©2003


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