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Gov. Murkowski Sends State's Position to Energy Bill Conferees


September 20, 2003
Saturday - 12:45 am

Anchorage - Governor Frank H. Murkowski on Friday released a letter to the Congressional conferees on the energy bill, expressing the State of Alaska's concerns on those portions of the bill most crucial to Alaska. The provisions include the fiscal incentives for the natural gas pipeline, ANWR, a tax credit for heavy oil, and more exploration and development in NPR-A.

"As Governor of Alaska, I want to remind you of my state's great potential to assist in resolving the energy crisis and to discuss pertinent provisions of the pending energy bill," Murkowski said in the letter to 44 members of the US House of Representatives and 13 US Senators.

Murkowski referenced the recent electrical blackout that left more than 50 million Americans in the dark, noting that Alaska has energy sources that should be considered as Congress seeks a solution to the energy crisis.

"Most experts agree that the United States is on the brink of a major natural gas shortage which could force American businesses to shut down or move offshore and compel families to pay even more for heat and electricity," Murkowski wrote. "I know you are aware that increasing oil and gas imports increases our deficit balance of payments, causes higher and unstable prices on our economy, and decreases our national security."

Murkowski said in a news release he remains hopeful that the final energy bill will contain all the fiscal incentives needed to make the gas pipeline economically viable, as well as ANWR. "The commodity risk provision and ANWR remain in play, as far as we are concerned," Murkowski said. "We are still very optimistic that when the energy bill passes Congress, it will be a banner day for Alaska, as well as American consumers."


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