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March 10, 2005

Front Page Photo courtesy Sam Pitcher Scholarship Fund Committee

2005 Sam Pitcher Music Scholarship Winners Announced
Jeffery Karlson and Jamie Karlson
Photo courtesy Sam Pitcher Memorial Fund Committee

Ketchikan: 2005 Sam Pitcher Music Scholarship Winners Announced - The recipients of this year's Sam Pitcher Music Scholarships are twins Jamie and Jeffery Karlson. Jamie and Jeffery have each been awarded $500 scholarships which they plan to apply towards attending Interlochen Fine Arts Camp in Michigan. They auditioned along with four other finalists to win the scholarships. Judging the auditions were local musicians Jim Alguire, Sarah Corporon, Heidi Hays and Carrie Tocco. - More...
Thursday - March 10, 2005

National: Bush pushes to open up Arctic National Wildlife Refuge by Bill Straub - With crude oil prices exceeding $55 a barrel, President Bush on Wednesday pressed Congress to adopt a national energy policy that includes opening Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling.- More...
Thursday - March 10, 2005

National: No 'crisis' for Social Security, GAO boss says by Margaret Talev - The head of the Government Accountability Office on Wednesday rejected the term "crisis" to describe Social Security's money problems but told lawmakers the sooner they can enact long-term reforms, the less pain American workers and retirees are likely to feel from fixes such as tax increases or reduced benefits. - More...
Thursday - March 10, 2005

National: Congressional Republicans unveil budget plans By Lawrence M. O'Rourke - Congressional Republicans Wednesday proposed tax and spending plans for the U.S. government that would allocate more for defense, homeland security and tax cuts while trimming social programs and providing for a tax cut.- More...
Thursday - March 10, 2005

jpg Rally in support...

Social Services Commissioner Joel Gilbertson and Governor Frank Murkowski at Wednesday's rally in Juneau...
Photo courtesy Office of the Governor

Alaska: Rally In Support of Breast and Cervical Cancer Health Check Program; Proposal will provide screening services to 9,200 women a year - Gov. Frank H. Murkowski, First Lady Nancy Murkowski and Alaska Health and Social Services Commissioner Joel Gilbertson spoke Wednesday at a rally on the steps of the Capitol Building in support of the Alaska Breast and Cervical Cancer Health Check program funding.

"Breast and cervical cancer are killers that are, fortunately, treatable with early detection," said Gov. Murkowski. "This program has provided a real service to Alaska women who otherwise could not afford to get the early screening that could save their lives." - More...
Thursday - March 10, 2005

National: More ills laid at feet of secondhand smoke by Edi Lau and Dorsey Griffith - A sweeping new study on the health risks of breathing second-hand smoke adds breast cancer and premature birth to an already long list of ills associated with cigarettes. - More...
Thursday - March 10, 2005

National: House approves National Tartan Day by Logan C. Adams - Julia Child, Andrew Carnegie, Samuel Morse, Edgar Allan Poe, one-tenth of Nobel Prize winners, 35 Supreme Court justices, one-third of all U.S. secretaries of state and one-fourth of U.S. presidents have something in common. - More...
Thursday - March 10, 2005

Alaska: Resolution opposing fish farms passes; Measure tells Congress, president to keep farms out of federal waters - A resolution telling Congress and the president to keep fish farms out of federal ocean waters in Alaska was approved Wednesday by the House Fisheries Committee. - More....
Juneau Empire - Thursday - March 10, 2005



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Columns - Commentary

jpg Betsy HartBetsy Hart: Improving as we age - I've always thought that it was my relationship with the movie "The Big Chill" that best demonstrated the fact that I was, well, getting older. (I hate the term "aging.") One of my all-time favorite movies - with one of the best dialogues to ever hit the big screen - the movie came out while I was in college. It's set around the theme of some once-idealistic baby boomers.....- More...
Thursday - March 10, 2005

jpg Michael ReaganMichael Reagan: The Rule Of Judges Vs. The Rule of Law - The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that minors under 18 cannot be executed, no matter how heinous their crimes. The ruling overturned 72 death sentences in 12 states. - More...
Thursday - March 10, 2005

jpg Dick MorrisDick Morris: The Hillary Playbook - As reliably as the calendar turns, Hillary's attention moves to foreign affairs in a bid to shore up her credentials for a presidential run. Suddenly, she is the Democratic shadow Secretary of State. - More...
Thursday - March 10, 2005

jpg Jay AmbroseJay Ambrose: Some liberals favor private accounts - Private Social Security accounts? Why, say some critics, this is nothing but a right-wing, Wall Street-profiting scheme that would gouge the little guy, a plan to elevate the rich, to abandon our communal obligations, a betrayal of the social salvation that came our way through the New Deal. - More...
Thursday - March 10, 2005

jpg Ann McFeattersAnn McFeatters: Bush doing his part for a healthier America - A hearty laugh, according to research presented to the American College of Cardiology, keeps you living longer because it juices up the body's vascular system by pumping blood through blood vessels.

Depression and stress can kill you, in part, because blood flow is reduced during mental stress. The researchers concluded that 15 minutes of laughter a day is good tonic. - More...
Thursday - March 10, 2005

jpg John HallJohn Hall: A tragic mishap - What really happened in the fatal shooting of an Italian intelligence officer and the wounding of a journalist at a checkpoint near Baghdad must await an investigation. But it is one more indication that stability in Iraq is no closer to being achieved than it was on the day that Baghdad fell. - More...
Thursday - March 10, 2005

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photosIt's Iditarod Race Year 33! a ghost story of the southern route - Excitement has built to a feverish pitch among mushers and fans as they ready for the 33rd running of Alaska's world famous Iditarod dogsled race, scheduled to start March 5.  A "false spring" several weeks ago rained away a little too much of the Wasilla area's snow cover, so the start of the race has been moved about thirty miles up the Parks  highway to the small town of Willow, always just a little colder and more dependably snow-covered. - Read the rest of this story by June Allen....
Friday - March 04, 2005

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