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by Andrew White


March 10, 2005

Have you heard some chatter about town regarding a new archery range?

Well, I want to personally thank all the people who showed up to the planning meeting held at the Ketchikan Rod and Gun Club on Wednesday March 9th. What a great turnout!

If you shoot archery tackle and you didn't know about the planning meeting we apologize. This meeting was proposed on short notice and word of it was spread one on one over a three-day period. We are going to give you a second chance! The next meeting will be held at 7:30PM on March 16th at the Ketchikan Rod and Gun Club clubhouse located on the north end of D1 Loop.

Here's what happened at the March 9th meeting: We talked about the Ketchikan Rod and Gun Club land available for an archery range. As a group we drew up some ideas. Man! There were a lot of great ideas, too! We kicked around a lot of different ideas regarding all sorts of things pertaining to a bang-up range that we can all appreciate.

Here's where we are now: In the next few days the layout work on the actual land will begin. In less than a week we expect to have a form layed out for a concrete pad to be utilized as a shooting platform. With the continued support, and some man-hours, we expect to have a covered shooting area and some stationary targets before the end of March.

This is exciting stuff!

Some people pledged support in numerous ways. Some will provide materials. Others will do some much needed "leg-work" to accessorize the range. And several pledged their labor and/or construction expertise. What a great bunch of people to start something like this with!

Here's another note of thanks: Thank you to the Ketchikan Rod and Gun Club for even considering this!

If you shoot archery tackle, or you want to, come see us on Wednesday, March 16th. We would love to hear your suggestions and we would love to meet you.

And to those who can't wait to shoot at the new range? May I suggest you thank the Ketchikan Rod and Gun Club personally? It's easy. Come to the club and sign on as a member. We'd love to have you on board.

Andrew White
Ketchikan Rod and Gun Club Member
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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