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March 09, 2005

Front Page Photo by Carl Thompson

'Early Morning Flight'
Front Page Photo by Carl Thompson



Ketchikan: A Visit With Anne; First City Players Honors The Hope, Grace and Beauty Of "The Diary of Anne Frank" By Sharon Lint - The first act holds you prisoner in your seat. The second act ravages your sensibilities. But, the ending -- ah, the ending -- it devastates you.- More...
Wednesday - March 09, 2005


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letter In whose footsteps they will walk by Jonathan Doll - Wednesday
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Alaska: AK Labor Commissioner Foresees Workers' Comp Crisis; Workers, Employers Threatened by Annual Double-Digit Rate Increases - Legislators must pass workers' compensation reform this session or face the prospect of ever-rising rates driving Alaska's small businesses to cut jobs or close their doors, Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development Commissioner Greg O'Claray told a state Senate committee Tuesday.

"Statutory rates for workers' compensation have gone into orbit in recent years," with an overall average 21 percent rise in 2004 and a 12 percent average rise predicted this year, O'Claray told the Senate Labor & Commerce Committee.  "My problem is that we are now seeing the effects of high premiums that are putting people on unemployment.  That, we cannot stand for."

Governor Frank H. Murkowski's reform legislation, SB 130, seeks to stabilize rates by focusing on ways to halt the dramatic increase in medical costs over the past five years, said Linda Hall, director of the Division of Insurance in the Alaska Department of Commerce and Economic Development. - More...
Wednesday - March 09, 2005

National: Congress considers changes to 527 funding rules by Margaret Talev - A bipartisan plan to rein in spending by groups that exerted an influence on the 2004 presidential election - such as liberal groupMoveOn.org or the conservative Swift Boat Veterans for Truth - got a friendly hearing Tuesday, with Senate Rules Committee Chairman Trent Lott saying he wants to move quickly to put limits in place by next year's midterm elections.

But critics warned that if Congress caps the amount of money individuals can give to so-called 527s, known for the section of the tax code that governs them, those groups and wealthy donors such as billionaire George Soros will find new ways to spend big money to target candidates they oppose. - More...
Wednesday - March 09, 2005

Arctic: Grizzlies set to invade high Arctic? - The telltale paw prints with huge 10 centimetre-long nails spoke volumes. But now definitive corroborating DNA evidence seals the case of the most northerly sighting of a grizzly bear. The discovery fuels mounting evidence that Canada's High Arctic is no longer the sole preserve of the polar bear ­ Nanuk is having to make room for its southern cousin.

The evidence of the barren ground grizzly bear (Ursus arctos) was discovered on Melville Island, an uninhabited part of the western Arctic archipelago 1,500 kilometres due north of Yellowknife, and 1,000 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. - More...
Wednesday - March 09, 2005

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photosIt's Iditarod Race Year 33! a ghost story of the southern route - Excitement has built to a feverish pitch among mushers and fans as they ready for the 33rd running of Alaska's world famous Iditarod dogsled race, scheduled to start March 5.  A "false spring" several weeks ago rained away a little too much of the Wasilla area's snow cover, so the start of the race has been moved about thirty miles up the Parks  highway to the small town of Willow, always just a little colder and more dependably snow-covered. - Read the rest of this story by June Allen....
Friday - March 04, 2005

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