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Aerial Spraying of Pesticides
by Rob Sanderson Jr. 


March 10, 2005

The state's new regulations to allow aerial spraying of pesticides in the State of Alaska i.e.) Long Island for forestry management can wreck havoc on the Alaskan salmon industry by reducing market demand for Alaska wild salmon. Due to its harmful nature people outside the State of Alaska will be reluctant to purchase wild Alaska salmon, and Alaska's fishing industry would greatly suffer.
If  Alaskans permit this one instance of pesticide spraying either aerial or hand spraying; the precedent will be set allowing the DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) to be comfortable in issuing more permits. The far reaching effects statewide would be devastating healthwise, economically, and also it would greatly harm subsistence users.
Alaska has one of the highest cancer rates in the states, and the native communities of Alaska have a real high cancer rate. For the state to allow this spraying of pesticides is a travesty. The people of Alaska need to contact their lawmakers and demand legislation that bans aerial spraying except in the case of human health emergencies. This legislation should be an easy one for Ketchikan's lawmakers Jim Elkins and Bart Stedman. This would be the first permit of many expected. Citizens of The State of Alaska we need to wake up and learn from the mistakes of the Lower 48 that pesticide spraying has caused.
For the State of Alaska to issue a permit for aerial spraying for Klukwan Inc. on Long Island would introduce chemicals  which will have far reaching effects on natural resources with no regard to the impact of the native people and all people in Alaska. It would be a form of abuse and clearly a lack of respect for the people of our great state which we call Alaska.
Rob Sanderson Jr. 
Ketchikan, Alaska

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pdfClick here to see a map of the proposed spray areas. (358 KB). Yellow indicates proposed spray area.


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