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More on slowpokes
by Mark Hoyt


November 30, 2004

First, let me say that in my first letter on this subject, I was not looking for reasons or excuses as to why people are driving so damn slow around here. I was merely trying to get you to move your asses!!!

I do not want to speed, I only want to be able to drive as fast as the laws allow when road conditions permit it.

I have work to do and places to go and I need to be able to do so in a timely manner. My customers expect me to be efficient so as not to have to pay for extra time because someone is too stoned to drive or is on a damn nature tour during business hours.


I like the way you think, cheers back at ya!!


You are one funny guy, I got some pretty good laughs from your response. I do not tailgate if the roads are unsafe or if the vehicle ahead of me is traveling at a reasonable speed. BUT, if they are doing 25 or 30 in a 50 zone, and the road conditions are safe, then I will most definately be a little closer to their taillights in hopes that they will either pull over or speed up or, somehow magically, a clear space will be given to me by the road gods in which I will be allowed to get past the afore mentioned slowpoke with minimal exposure to oncoming traffic, thereby minimizing the chance that my underoos might be soiled if things do not go as planned.


Yes, the colder months are a time to be more cautious, especially in the section between Mud Bight and the Ward Cove area.

Also, drivers who are driving much slower than the posted speed are not only able to pull over to let faster traffic by, they are required to by law.

But, as we all know, most of them either do not know this, or simply don't give a rats ass if they are slowing down the normal flow of traffic.

Another possibility is that like P. J., they are driving with thier Birkenstocks on and simply cannot move them from one pedal to the other quick enough so they must be extra slow and careful.


You could not pay me enough to move to "liberal land". And, YES, I do need to be in a hurry sometimes, even though I do live in a small burg where there is only 40 miles of drivable road.

I am a business man and my customers depend on me to efficient and timely so as to minimize their costs.

And last, but not least, P.J.:

I have a suggestion for you. Take your nature tours on Sundays when most of the people who actually work for a living are not busy trying to make this community a prosperous and better place to live.

If you must take your nature tours during the work week, I suggest that you throw your birkenstocks in the car, drive at a reasonable speed to the Ward Lake recreation area, put your birks on and take your nature tour on foot so the rest of us can get on with our busy work schedules.

Mark Hoyt
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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