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by Ken Lewis


November 22, 2004

I must admit, I drive like a turtle sometimes, especially when I head to work in the morning. Often I leave home at 4:30 am, my lower digestive track has not awakened yet and I fear if I should have an accident that my Spiderman Underoos may not be as fresh as they should be at the ER. Although there is a near empty highway at that time in the morn, I choose to ease my way to town because I see the Side-Hill Gougers that pop out and cars in the ditch from the hurried drivers a few hours earlier. The drivers that annoy me are the ones that get right on my bumper even when I am doing 50. When did leaving one car length for every 50 miles an hour become an acceptable safe driving practice? Do these people have a secret road system the rest of us have not found yet? If there is a Bat Cave, I want to know. Heaven forbid a person should reach Wolf Point 4 car lengths late on this grueling road trip, some of us do not have a pit crew and relief driver at mile 5 to spare us fatigue! It is about mile 5 when I have to slap myself and pour hot coffee in my lap, while screaming come-on Ken you can do it Man. I think it's time for rest-stops every 2 miles, with restrooms and bran muffins for those of us who just cannot keep up to Ketchikan's fast pace.

Ken Lewis
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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