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by Pete Ellis


November 22, 2004

If the car ahead is traveling at too slow a pace then instead of simply following the alternative is to pass.

In order to pass another vehicle there are a number of variables that come into play and, depending upon the expertise of the driver and the quality of the automobile being driven, lots of opportunities are available.

Of course there is a safety factor in terms of the time in which one is exposed to oncoming traffic. That time is dependent on the acceleration capabilities of the vehicle being driven.

If one can accelerate from 35 mph to 70 mph in perhaps 3 seconds then the opposite exposure time in the oncoming lane is substantially reduced and the danger decreased substantially.

A super roadster capable of accelerating to a speed in excess of 100 mph in mere seconds leaves little other lane time reduces the dangerous exposure period even more.

Thus a neat fast car with enhanced acceleration characteristics combined with a capable and perhaps somewhat fearless driver can reduce the irritation of the slow driver to a minimum.

I surmise that what happened is that Mark Hoyt decided to drive one of his trucks on the instant occasion and did not chose to drive one of his other vehicles such as the hottest car around this town.

So god bless fast capable cars and drivers who keep any highway risks to a minimum and drive slow when they and their cars can't handle the challenge. Cheers....

Pete Ellis
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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