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Revilla's Slow Pokes
by Neil Gray


November 23, 2004

Thank you Mark Hoyt, and especially Ken Lewis for the chuckles you gave me during your discussion of slow pokes on Revilla Island's roadways. Mark, if you are in that big of a hurry you should move to LA or San Diego so you can drive like a lot of the crazies here drive, when they aren't caught up in the "freeway parking lots" during rush hour. Last I heard, unless there's been some major highway construction, there was really no place to drive to in a hurry in Ketchikan. Cherish the lifestyle!! Ken, your sense of humor never ceases to amaze me. It almost makes me feel guilty about bootin' you out of a Little League game at Norman Walker Field about 13 years ago (ALMOST). And, I haven't lost the touch as I've been umpiring winter Little League ball here in San Diego. I miss your competativeness! Drive safely guys, you got it good.

Neil Gray
Lakeside, CA - USA


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