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by Mark Hoyt


November 20, 2004

Why is it that everyone seems to think that ever since the stop lights were installed at the intersection of North Tongass and the "Wal-mart" road, the speed limit is only 35 mph????
IT IS 50 MILES PER HOUR between Wolf Point and Ward Cove!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you can't go at least as fast as the speed limit, then get the hell out of the way so that people who have work to do or need to get somewhere in a hurry can get by!!!!!!

It's not only between Wolf Point and Wal-mart, it's also coming into town from further north. Just because we have to slow down for the construction zone does not mean we must therefore stay at 30 to 40 mph all the way to town damn it!!

If you are not going at least within 5 mph of the speed limit when I come up behind you, either speed up or get the hell out of my way!!!!

Regarding "Forgotten"... Charlotte, who did you vote for? If you say John Kerry, that would explain a lot to me.

Mark Hoyt
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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