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Re: Slowpokes
by Suzan Thompson


November 23, 2004

I'm one of those drivers who drive about five mph below the speed limit. I used to creep up over it until Sgt. Piscoya cured me, but that's another story. There are several regular drivers on North Tongass who, if you're not doing 49 in a 50 mph zone, and 54 in a 55 mph zone, will tailgate you for about a mile, then pass on a double yellow line. It's always the same cars, but I guess the drivers think nobody recognizes them as they zip by at the speed of light. Especially in the colder months, North Tongass is a dangerous highway. There are many places where ice stays on the road all day, and driving at the posted speed limit is not safe. Drivers who drive much slower than the posted limit can always pull over when they notice several cars stacked up behind them. It doesn't take but a minute, and it beats having somebody end up in the ditch. Drivers who feel they've lived a good life and have all their affairs in order can continue to drive fifty-five. Best of luck to you, and try not to take out a school bus as you round Ward Cove on a frosty morning.

Suzan Thompson
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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