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Loggerville Witch-Hunt
by Joseph Branco


December 15, 2004

I agree with Arilee Bird, Chuck Moon, and Bill Thomas in regards to the Loggerville witch-hunt.

Perhaps Rob may not be the best businessman in the world and may not have had all of his ducks in a row before proceeding with his business vision. However, the unrelenting attacks on his efforts by the borough government are unforgivable and certainly telling of the character of our current Borough officials.

I equate the KGB to a pack of bullies unfairly picking on someone who is just trying to make an idea become reality. Instead of offering a helping hand and a bit of tolerance, the KGB has sicked lawyers on Rob and made it the number one goal of this local governing body to destroy small business efforts.

The Water Taxi is another disgrace the local government has attributed to its very long list of embarrassments. Destroying a business under the phony guise of legal domain is preposterous. Does everyone understand that the local government wants more money from the Water Taxi, and therefore has used pathetic legal action to hurt a local business that dared to operate on Borough property?

Well guess what - if I look at any business or process, I can find a problem exploitable and questionable by law. It is not the purpose of the local government to force small businesses to bend over and grab their ankles in preparation for the Borough doing what they do best. The local government has used every weapon in its arsenal from community damaging lawyer tricks to blatant attacks on small business in a disgusting effort to destroy the foundation of America - the small business.

The KGB has forgotten its purpose. As a proud citizen of Ketchikan I am outraged at the conduct of our Borough government. Lybrand, I noticed that you have a small business, ironically one that has been awarded a hefty contract through the local government. Would it be fair to say that your business has made no mistakes and can easily withstand any legal inquiries? How about you Tipton? How confident are you in the legality of your business operations? We wouldn't want the local government to miss out on any money from small businesses would we? What if the local government found some cheesy small print in some book that made your business illegal? Would that be the American way? Would that be a welcome exercise of local government influence and resources? Or would that be unfair?

Many of you [Assembly Members] own or manage businesses. And for some strange reason, perhaps under poor administrative recommendations or itchy trigger-finger legal advice or your own personal apprehension of growth that does not benefit you directly, you have opted to seek out and destroy business ventures. Well I am in the early stages of creating a small business. I suggest you get started on destroying my dream now, wouldn't want you to miss a chance to march arm-in-arm to the next witch-hunt. Enjoy your lumps of coal this holiday season.

Joseph Branco
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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