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Give Loggerville A Break
by Chuck Moon


December 14, 2004

Boy, give Rob a break. I finally have to speak out. Since when is it a crime to want to improve one's income and at the same time create jobs? All Rob has tried to do is provide a unique change of tourist attractions by providing tourists a taste of the "Real Alaska." Loggerville is a great idea if he's allowed to even try. If Loggerville gets a chance to happen Rob will have to spend close to a million dollars to get Loggerville safe and ready for tourist season in two years. This is money spent in the community and jobs for construction workers, electricians, and labor types. But why invest if the powers to be hassle him at every turn. I have read time and time again that he has not paid rent for tying up Loggerville in a spot that was not being used and as far as I know never was used. Then there was a statement made by a Bourrough employee that yes Rob has sent them checks for rent but they have not been cashed. Is not a bird in the hand worth two in the bush?

In summary I am very disappointed in the Bourrough Assembly. It appears that small and middle size companies are getting the shaft. A few examples besides Loggerville are the Water Taxi and the 75 dollar per sign fee. Small business is the back bone of Alaska, they will be here forever, help them not hinder them.


Chuck Moon
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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