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RE: Loggerville
by Bill Thomas Sr.


December 15, 2004

Dear Sitnews,

I have to agree with Mr. Moon regarding Loggerville. Everything that he said expressed my sentiments as well. Our governments have their head up the wrong "cloud". They do hinder private enterprise and put too much of their effort and resources into governing unrealistically.

I always have to come back to the $25 million emergency windfall. Not one positive result came from that. And the borough is still broke. They are too comfortable on placing more burden on the residents and squandering any revenues. They need to stay out of competing with private enterprise and let income dollars come to the budget in a wise and responsible way.

I continue to admire and support individuals who place themselves in a position to be criticized and scrutinized by society. This would not happen as much if more incumbents came on board with positive experience to put on their resume' but, they don't much to our misfortune.

Give Rob a chance at Loggerville for the reasons Mr. Moon stated and follow suit with other ambitious entrepreneurs. Make us feel a positive part of this community rather than subjects to a hierarchy. Take a look around town and the borough and see what's wrong with this picture.


Bill Thomas Sr.
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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