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Floating Jewelry Stores at Ward Cove?
by Arilee Bird


December 13, 2004

I've always been a defender of the underdog, so I've wondered if it's just me? I've seen this "little guy" struggling to build his business here in Ketchikan, with Lighthouse Excursions and now his floating "Loggerville". Seems to me that every way he turns, OUR local government is throwing wrenches in his gears and nitpicking. I wish someone would tune us ALL up on the "real story", if there is one. The appearances in the press are embarrassing to me as a Citizen! The weekend Daily News article "iced the cake". I've talked to a few neighbors, and we all agree that we're suspicious that someone either on the Assembly or in its offices is out to get Mr. Loggerville no matter what he does. He moves the whole she-bang and now the KGB bellyaches that he's 'over on our side of the line', ah, a little bit... I'm rolling my eyes and shaking my head! Sure makes it appear "someone" can't wait to throw his property on the auction block or use any means possible to ruin him... but Why? Did he step on someone's toes? Is he in the wrong "clique"? Someone got an eye on his floating houses and want 'em cheap? Something sure smells rotten here. The Assembly talks, and talks and talks about encouraging businesses to move into Ketchikan, yet when this "hometown little guy" busts his patootie to do that, "they" throw their forces against him. Roll out the red carpet tho, for any entity from outside! Heck, they'll even hold secret negotiations/meetings for 'em!

Perhaps Rob "Loggerville" should alter his business plan, tell the KGB he's opening up 18 new floating diamond and tanzanite stores and he's from the Caribbean? Bet he'd hear a whole new tune, wouldn't he? Sheesh!

Arilee Bird
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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