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RE: Hate, Greed, and Fear
By Steven McLaren


October 30, 2006

Any statistic related to the increase in same-sex parents only support my argument. The numbers of cases in our nation involving beastiality are also increasing, (Just two weeks ago, I actually saw/read about two cases of beastiality in the USA TODAY.), and the number of people practicing plural marriage in our country is also too high. SO WHAT? This doesn't mean we must accept their lifestyles! And yes, by EXPANDING (as Mr. Freedland states it) our definition and understanding of marriage and family by including Civil Union Couples and same-sex couples within that tradition (of marriage), WE ARE ACCEPTING THEIR LIFESTYLES!

Simply put, if you choose to practice in same-sex unions, beastiality, or plural marriage, you have to deal with the consequences of our law. Which, again, is based on our society's morals. It makes me feel terrible, not, but you may get thrown into jail and you may not even get as many benefits as those who chose to obey the law. Does this mean we must have, as Mr. Freedland states, Morality demands that we have laws that respect the rights and privacy of every American citizen. No, we don't need to cater, accept, and provide benefits to those people who choose wrong.

Further, if you re arguing for same-sex unions, don't judge other so-called unions. Plural marriage and Beastiality exist in our country. So, do we take the stand Mr. Freedland has taken with those people of other beliefs/unions? Why not? Is it because that's where WE HAVE TO DRAW THE LINE? Why draw the line there? Is it because that is just WRONG? So, it's wrong, and same-sex marriage isn t? Why not? Upon what do you have to base that thinking? Don't tell me that thinking is based, in any way, upon morals. It is based on morals because that's what we're talking about here...what is right and what is wrong? Think about it!!

Mr. Freedland says, "So what are we as a society to do with these households which often include children? Should we attempt to harm them? Should we pass Constitutional Amendments to deny them legal status? To deny them insurance? To deny those children in these homes benefits?" We do not need to approve of these households, but these homes are real and they exist in Alaska and Wisconsin and every state between. Interesting, exactly what could be said about beastiality and plural marriage.

He also states, "We will not improve the sanctity or morality of anything by passing additional laws to ostracize, demean, and hurt people who are different than us." No one is trying to pass laws to ostracize anyone. My stand is only that we don t want to CHANGE/EXPAND the law to something it is not!

Remember what he also stated, "the glue that holds them together is not sin but love". Could someone in favor of beastiality or plural marriage not make this same argument for the "Fair" treatment of EVERY American?

What about benefits? Should our tax dollars go to pay benefits to those practicing beastiality, homosexuality, or plural marriage? No, they don't get that benefit for a reason. I don't believe the benefits of marriage should be rewarded to something that is not marriage. Once we define marriage as something it is not, then almost anything could be considered a civil union and therefore reap the benefits.

I have to be honest with you. I do FEAR for the future of our country if we CHANGE the laws that are, yes based on our society's morals, to something else that would reflect immorality. Think about it.

Furthermore, the only people trying to change or add to the law are those trying to change the definition of marriage!

I FEAR for the time, which seems all to near, when MY RIGHTS are compromised in the name of being FAIR to EVERYONE and their bad choices.

Thank you for considering my thoughts on this issue. I encourage anyone to read both Mr. Freedland's and my letters.

Steven McLaren
Ketchikan, AK

About: "I have been a resident of Ketchikan for about nine years. I am active in the community and love Alaska."


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