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Hate, Greed, and Fear
By Robert Freedland


October 26, 2006
Thursday PM

What is wrong with Americans? It used to be that we were all determined to love our fellow citizen, give back to our nation even with out financial support, and confidently deal with the rest of the World. And yet today, our politicians seek to exploit our support for their programs by depending on the worst of our psyche, by exploiting the emotions of hate, greed, and fear. Let me explain.

Many of us, myself included, are in traditional marriage arrangements. My wife and I enjoy the many benefits (and responsibilities) of marriage as we seek to do the best for us and our children. I hope we have succeeded in this endeavor!

But across America there are many non-traditional households. And many of them struggle to do the best that they can do for themselves and yes for their children. Some of these households are led by single moms. Some by single dads. Some are in Civil Unions. And yes, some are led by same-sex parents.

In Wisconsin this November, as has been and shall be in other states, are efforts to limit marriage to just "one man and one woman". In our state, this will also make civil unions illegal. Just yesterday the highest court in the State of New Jersey stated that same-sex families deserve equal protection under the law. Is this really the result of "activist judges" or is the justice system simply trying to be fair to every American?

Many of our religious institutions have been instructing us to vote against these non-traditional households. They tell us they are sinners and are going to hell. But for these families, as in other families, the glue that holds them together is not sin but love. It isn't love that many of us understand or even accept or endorse. But it is a love that brings two people together that wish to have children and raise a family. And many do.

So why do politicians use hate instead of love? I don't understand and I don't accept this. Think about this when you have the opportunity to decide on this issue.

And what about greed? Politicians exploit this when all they talk about is how they are going to reduce your taxes. They don't tell you how they are going to balance the budget. They don't tell you how they are going to get this nation out of debt, deal with education, poverty, unemployment, or improve the quality of medical care for those who cannot even manage to pay for a doctor's appointment or fill a needed prescription. No. They just tell you how they are going to fill your wallet with greenbacks.

That is a nice thought, but isn't it time we consider what John Kennedy had to say about "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!" Isn't greed going to only hurt our nation as each of us scramble to get our own piece of the pie?

And fear? Politicians are telling us to be afraid! They want us to justify their suspension of our civil rights because otherwise we are going to be attacked right here in our home town! I am ashamed at leaders who exploit the fears of our people to abuse our Constitution. There is no excuse for the President who failed to go to the FISA Courts to get a warrant before using a wiretap. It was simply illegal. but he wants us to be afraid so we won't ask questions.

America doesn't need to torture our captives. We don't need to suspend the Geneva Conventions. And we don't need to suspend the Writ of Habeas Corpus that guarantees everyone the right to know the charges against you or to have your day in court and not be detained indefinitely in secret prisons. Shameful. But fear is effective!

So this year, think about how you are being manipulated by exploitative demagogues who ask you to be hateful. Who ask you to be greedy. And ask you to be fearful.

Reject these claims. Vote out of love. Vote out of patriotism for this nation. And vote to be unafraid.

America needs you now more than ever!

Robert Freedland
La Crosse, WI

Received October 26, 2006 - Published October 26, 2006

About: " I am a physician who is concerned about where America is heading. I take care of my patients with passion and actively seek to right the wrongs of our nation."



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