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RE: Hate, Greed, and Fear
By Steven McLaren


October 28, 2006

I, very strongly, disagree with most all the comments written by Robert Freedland. Please, read his entire letter first and then read mine. (I'm not going to quote everything that he wrote for my letter.)

I interpreted from Freedland s letter that much of society s ills, not just the same-sex issue, are a result of the conservatives, republicans, or religious folk within our society. (He seemed to lump all of these people into one group.)


Robert states, In Wisconsin this November, as has been and shall be in other states, are efforts to limit marriage to just "one man and one woman". In our state, this will also make civil unions illegal. Just yesterday the highest court in the State of New Jersey stated that same-sex families deserve equal protection under the law. Is this really the result of "activist judges" or is the justice system simply trying to be fair to every American?

Well, using this same philosophy/logic, let's be fair to every American and approve (among other things) PLURAL MARRIAGE and BEASTIALITY (sex with or union of man and animal). Don't tell me you don't approve! "The glue that holds these 'unions' together is not sin but love." We may get sick to our stomach thinking about it, but isn t this another non-traditional household?

Well, join the club, I also get sick to my stomach when thinking about same-sex unions. [It wasn t too long ago that same-sex unions could and would have never been considered as a civil union. Why not look to our future? Using this logic, we'll soon be confronting the EQUAL RIGHTS of those practicing in beastiality.]

Let s also accept all these other so-called unions (not just same-sex). Let's ACCEPT them/this in the name of EQUALITY, LOVE, and SOCIETAL PROGRESS! NOT!! EVER!!

He also placed the responsibility for many of our other societal problems on one party of our government. Government is, in reality, responsible for many of our problems, or lack of cures. However, don t just blame one party. There have been a lot of government officials from all parties get us to where we are today!!

Thanks for reading and considering the gravity of our current national situation. Vote wisely. America needs you now more than ever!! Fight for what is right, and fight for YOUR RIGHT to live in a society as free as possible from moral decay.


Steven McLaren
Ketchikan, AK

Received October 27, 2006 - Published October 28, 2006

About: "I have been a resident of Ketchikan for about nine years. I am active in the community and love Alaska."


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