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Voter Turn out
By Ken Lewis


July 23, 2012

7% turn out is sad, so here is my dumb solution. Alaskans get oil revenue money. If you want your Permanent Fund check, Vote.

Yes I know, but that's not fair, I want to be part of the process when it come to free stuff but getting off my glute to vote is so much trouble. And not only some folks shouldn't vote, they probably shouldn't get frisky, that leads to more of them.

Oh yes, kinda forgot about the science of democracy voting... 1/3 vote to the right, 1/3 vote to the left no matter how much money is spent on campaigns. It's about convincing 51% of the 1/3 in the middle. And hopefully they can quit texting their favorite American Idol selection 47 times, in time to get to the polls.

My solution seems to have flaws in it but, bet you money, Alaskans would lead the nation in voter turn out if Perm Fund Checks went to those involved in the process. And imagine if only 7% collected the checks, 93% no shows, means the 7% would get big pay days. Baby needs sum new shoes.

Ken Lewis
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Vote for free stuff when I can get it."

Received July 23, 2012 - Published July 23, 2012

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