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Mail In Ballots
By Connie Williams


July 17, 2012

Dear Editor:

It is with a smile that I read the letters regarding the recent Ketchikan bond vote, and a whooping 7% return. How sad that such a small portion of the population was interested in what was being voted on, it should be in everyone's interest when it's going to cost you come property tax time.

While I miss meeting my neighbors on voting day at the precinct, we have had mail in ballots since moving to Washington state in 2004, and find it to be very convenient. Not only does Washington state encourage mail in ballots, most counties also provide local drop boxes for those that do not wish to mail their ballot. The bottom line is, Washington state has seen an increase in voter turn out by going to mail in ballots, and as far as the powers that be are concerned, this added convenience to the voter is paying off.

Connie Williams
Tahuya, WA

About: "45 year Ketchikan resident, relocated to Washington state 8 years ago."

Received July , 2012 - Published July 17, 2012

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