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Harbor Bond Election
By Eric Muench


June 29, 2012

I was glad to see the harbor bond proposition pass in last Tuesday's vote, especially since I had to go through the trouble of casting my yes vote fourteen times. It is empowering to have such influence on the outcome and still have thirteen other people beside myself responsible for repaying the bond debt. For that I thank the 93% of city voters who allowed us 7% to make the decision for them. Maybe in the next election, if the 93% oblige by staying away again, I might be able to organize a pressure group to show up at the polls and swing the vote to my preference.

My only regret is that four poll workers manning the Ferry Terminal station, and those at the other two stations, had so little to keep them busy for the long day. We owe these people our gratitude for their service and their dedication to fair and efficient elections. I do hope that in future more folks make use of them.

Perhaps future questions of this sort could be combined with other issues that the entire public is charged with deciding so that turnout is better.

Eric Muench
Ketchikan, AK

About: "I am a long time voter in local elections and disappointed in this one's participation numbers."

Received June 28, 2012 - Published June 29, 2012


Harbor Bond Approved With 7% Voter Turnout By Mary Kauffman, SitNews - With 7% of registered City of Ketchikan voters turning out Tuesday, Harbor Bond Proposition 1 was approved. 350 turned out to vote with 247 voting yes, approving the bond.


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