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Talking about littering...
by Mary Lynne Dahl


March 08, 2004

Well, we have stirred up quite a lot of opinion on this issue of littering! Yahoo! It may lead to some action. Yahoo again! Although I am delighted to see his opinion, I don't agree entirely with Pete Ellis that we are lacking in enforcement, as I believe Officer Cegelske is doing a fine job, without much help, and I thank him for it. However, I also agree wholeheartedly with Pete that we should increase the fines, require supervised public service from the offenders and consider offering a reward for catching the buggers in the act.

In addition, since one of the biggest messes is in the vicinity of the high school, it looks the young folks might be some of the worst culprits and need to do some time cleaning up around their own domain, too. Perhaps a little incentive at the high school is in order, also. The idea that the coach had about sponsoring a high school athlete is not a bad idea, but I think we can come up with even more ideas....maybe credits towards the price of some really fun activity, or travel points for field trips.....let's get creative here and solve this problem! However, if that doesn't work, perhaps the kids would respond to the opposite tactic, as in having to pick it all up instead of a free period during the school day.

The bottom line is that the town is becoming motivated enough to do something, and is talking about it. That's really great and it will probably lead to a solution to this problem. Thanks, Ketchikan....what a great town we live in!

Mary Lynne Dahl
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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