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Re: Litter solution
by Karen Ramsey


March 06, 2004

Mr. Lewis, I am assuming that you are such a busy person that you have not noticed the mounting evidence on the sides of our local streets and highways that there IS a litter problem here. In your recent letter, you said that judging from recent posts, there SEEMS to be a litter problem. Well, not only do we HAVE a HORRIFIC litter problem, we also have members of our community who audaciously dump large household articles wherever they feel like it.

My blood just boils when I view pictures such as those submitted yesterday by our code enforcement officer. I don't think I could do his job. It would make me too physically ill, plus if I were able to find out who does things like that, I would not be satisfied with merely fining them. I think people who blatantly dump alongside our roads should spend some time in jail. Another consequence would be having to wear a bright orange jailsuit while cleaning up trash from the highway ditches. I doubt seriously that too many folks would consider this "slave trading."

This is very much a critical situation in this area. For the life of me, I don't understand why our leaders don't take a more active role in doing something about it. If I were a tourist being driven around, I would probably decide to never again return to an area where the people obviously care very little, if at all, about the condition of their streets. Please wake up, Ketchikan, and SEE the problem. Let's please try to change our attitudes regarding it. We need to take our town back from the slobs who degrade it through their laziness and lack of regard for others!

Again, good luck Mr. Cegelske!

Karen Ramsey
Ketchikan, AK - USA

P.S. The high school area is one of the nastiest when it comes to large amounts of trash on the ground. Just check out the Monroe street entrance!



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