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August 03, 2003


Front page photo...

Blueberry Pie Eating Contest
Laughton Elliott DeAngelis Winner of The 13-18 year old category

Saturday's Pie-eating Contest was sponsored by
WestCoast Cape Fox Lodge and Tatsuda's IGA...
photo by Dick Kauffman

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The Great Blueberry Roll finish line before the race started... The first ball to roll down the hill & cross the finish line belonged to Jim Meiresonne.
photo by Dick Kauffman

Ketchikan: Great Blueberry Roll Winners Announced; Jim Meiresonne Is The Big Money Winner - Saturday's Great Blueberry Roll was one of many events held during the Blueberry Arts Festival Friday and Saturday. Gretchen Klein, Coordinator for the Ketchikan Youth Court, reported that over $10,000 in tickets were sold to benefit the Ketchikan Youth Court Program. Klein expressed thanks to everyone for supporting the Ketchikan Youth Court.

The Great Blueberry Roll Winners:

First Prize $1,000 - Jim Meiresonne
Second Prize $300 - Gwenna Richardson
Third Prize $150 - J. Ludwigsen
Fourth $20 - Jeane Buxton
Fifth $20 - Sylvia Thompson
Sixth $20 - Pat Branco
Seventh $20 - Bernie Hendrick
Eighth $20 - Mary Guss
Ninth $20 - Sean Fultz
Tenth $20 - David Deal...
Sunday - August 03, 2003 - 1:15 pm

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Gold Creek near Juneau, one of 25 Gold Creeks in Alaska. Photo by Sven Eric Franzen...

Alaska: So Many Creeks, So Few Names - A waterway close to my house is one of five Pearl creeks in Alaska, according to the Dictionary of Alaska Place Names, by Donald Orth. One might think that five watersheds sharing the same name would cause confusion, but Alaska is a big place, and there seems to be room for a few repeats.

Take Willow Creek for example. Alaska has 63 of them. Twenty-eight Alder creeks are scattered around the state. Spruce creeks flow in 22 different locations in Alaska, Cottonwoods in 19, and Birches in 14. Prospectors and others who mistook spruces for Pines misnamed six creeks in Alaska. Those who knew their dendrology named four creeks for Tamarack, two for Aspen, and one for Poplar. - Click here to read more...
Sunday - August 03, 2003 - 1:15 pm



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