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Great Blueberry Roll Winners Announced
Jim Meiresonne Is The Big Money Winner


August 03, 2003
Sunday - 1:15 pm

The Great Blueberry Roll finish line before the race started... The first ball to roll down the hill & cross the finish line belonged to Jim Meiresonne.
photo by Dick Kauffman

Ketchikan, AK - Saturday's Great Blueberry Roll was one of many events held during the Blueberry Arts Festival Friday and Saturday. Gretchen Klein, Coordinator for the Ketchikan Youth Court, reported that over $10,000 in tickets were sold to benefit the Ketchikan Youth Court Program. Klein expressed thanks to everyone for supporting the Ketchikan Youth Court.

The Great Blueberry Roll Winners:

First Prize $1,000 - Jim Meiresonne
Second Prize $300 - Gwenna Richardson
Third Prize $150 - J. Ludwigsen
Fourth $20 - Jeane Buxton
Fifth $20 - Sylvia Thompson
Sixth $20 - Pat Branco
Seventh $20 - Bernie Hendrick
Eighth $20 - Mary Guss
Ninth $20 - Sean Fultz
Tenth $20 - David Deal




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