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Ketchikan Regular Election
October 02, 2007

For our 7th year, Sitnews will provide a free web page to all local 2007 candidates. Local candidates are requested to provide background information, experience and qualifications for the public office for which they seek election. Candidates are also requested to address in their statements important issues and what each would like to achieve if elected.

Candidate's Statements will be published as they are received. Send your candidate's statement & photograph to

SitNews will provide an unedited public forum in order that citizens can ask questions of the candidates as a group. Personal attacks on candidates will not be allowed. Candidates are encouraged to participate in the public forum.

Candidates are requested to provide their statements in a timely manner. Statements are not edited by SitNews.


Ketchikan City Council
3-year terms - Two Seats Open
Samuel E. Bergeron

Samuel Bergeron - Date Filed 08/08/07

Candidate's Statement Published 09/09/07 (click here)

Tom Coyne

Tom Coyne - Date Filed 08/29/07

Candidate's Statement Published 09/11/07 (click here)

  Robert (Bob) L. Brown - Date Filed 08/29/07

George Tipton

George H. Tipton - Date Filed 08/30/07 

Candidate's Statement Published 09/25/07 (click here)

Richard (Dick) Coose

Richard (Dick) Coose - Date Filed 08/31/07

Candidate's Statement Published 09/23/07 (click here)

Mike McNally

Michael McNally - Date Filed 09/04/07

Candidate's Statement Published 10/01/07 (click here)


Ketchikan Borough Election Information    

City of Ketchikan Election Information

Candidates: Mail your photograph & campaign statement to

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