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Michael McNally

Candidate for Ketchikan City Council 2007
Three-Year Term

Received: October 01, 2007
October 01, 2007

Mike McNally

My name is Michael McNally and I would like to be your choice for Ketchikan City Council on Tuesday, October 2nd.

These are my priorities if elected:

- Work to ensure open, responsive government.
- Focus on fundamental city services like water, sewer, streets, and electricity.
- Find ways to preserve Ketchikan's special character.
- Contribute my technical expertise to help restore the reliability of Ketchikan's telecommunications infrastructure.

If elected I promise to:

- Ask questions and challenge assumptions, doing my best to make sure the Council is making the best decisions possible.
- Set realistic, achievable goals for the city, rather than fruitlessly pursue long-shot mega-dollar projects (such as the bridge.)
- Strive to identify processes that can be simplified and work to streamline them to provide more responsive service to citizens and businesses in the city.
- Be available to listen to anyone




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