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George H. Tipton

Candidate for Ketchikan City Council 2007
Three-Year Term

September 25, 2007

George Tipton


I am running for the Council to help us into the future. We have many issues facing the community and I would like to help set the policy for these by utilization of community and staff input, while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

The completion of the intertie is important so we have the affordable power available for future business and industry. Cooperation with all to accomplish the goals the community wishes is important. This could be with the Borough, the State, Prince Rupert because of their Container Facility, Tourism, etc.

We also have a new upgrade to the City computer system on the horizon, a Museum & Library, &Shipyard completion to look forward to.

Obviously the need for improved parking, sidewalk upgrades and Public restrooms in the Downtown area are long overdue. The Borough recently created a planning committee for the Downtown area but we must keep in mind that there are groups that have been active in helping the community and their respective areas. This includes Creek Street, Thomas-Stedman, Newtown, just to name some but the City must be involved in the process. Continued upgrades to water, sewer, power, streets & sidewalks throughout the town needs to continue on a planned basis and with the citizens input.

By planning for the future we can create economic development, jobs and a solid foundation for our community. I wish to make sure KPU is headed in the right direction by proper planning for the next 5, 10, 15, even 20 years. I believe we have a dedicated staff and leadership to help us along with these endeavors, and if we don't, we must make sure we hire the best possible candidates to fill vacancies. KPU is the community's asset and we must make sure we are remaining competitive in the marketplace and satisfying the needs of regulators and the consumers.

Obviously infrastructure is a big part of the City for the community and my past record of being involved with these tasks reflects my dedication to the community. I began in 1990 by forming the Ktn. Softball Association and building it throughout the years. I was its President until this year when I stepped down. I also began working with the Parks & Rec Committee at the same time and ultimately we provided information that led to the Weiss Fields, the Rec Center and the Pool renovations. I continued with these endeavors for many more years and that resulted in improved parks, & fields/facilities - Walker, Dudley, Valley Park, a new Track/Soccer/Football field. I also began working with the Shipyard Advisory committee in 1994 to help with their planning and movement from DOT to AIDEA as well as completion of the yard, which is now on the horizon. In 1995 I was first elected to the Assembly and I began the process of looking at School renovations and new construction. This ultimately led to Valley Park, Houghtaling & Schoenbar remodels and Fawn Mountain construction. I stayed involved to insure State Department of Education acceptance of the initial plan through 1999 even though I was off the Assembly in 1998. I elected not to run at that time due to becoming involved in new business ventures. I did stay active in numerous committees and I was re-elected to the Assembly in 2002. The Borough staff and many members of the community can attest to my reaching out and soliciting their help and understanding the needs of staff, represented groups and the overall betterment of the community. I was not involved with Gateway as that occurred during my 4 years off the Assembly and was just on the front edge of the RKG involvement at Ward Cove. I voted against the Bowl manufacturer and many other issues that eventually failed or had to be totally modified.

I have lived in Alaska for 47 years, raised in Juneau ('71), residing in Ketchikan for 19 years. I have been the District Softball Commissioner since 1990 and have sat on the State Board for 20+ years with 10 as President. I am the local CHARR President and sat on the State CHARR Board for 7 years with 3 years as President and Chairman of the Board. I have sat on about every committee imaginable, so I have become versed in many phases of the communities interests. I am retired from the Operating Engineers Local 302 and the State of Alaska and I am a local business owner and recently built a new home within the City.

I have the proven dedication, energy, experience and personal integrity to represent the community as a member of the City Council. As many of you witnessed during my 6 years on the Assembly, I was fully prepared for any & all issues by doing my homework and consulting with the staff and community members. I carried no hidden agendas and felt I truly represented the majority of the community's interests while balancing the precious dollar from your Taxes.



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