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Casinos: Benefits far beyond drawbacks
by Neil Gray


August 06, 2004

I was wondering how long it would take before the topic of Indian Casinos raised its head in Southeast Alaska. If the opportunity is there I don't see any reason why the idea shouldn't be pursued.

I never envisioned myself being employed by a casino. But, I'm lucky in the respect that Barona Valley Ranch Resort and Casino has done their homework, and have done things the right way. Not only is there a casino, but a 600 room hotel, restaurants, and a world class golf course. The casino has games not found anywhere else in the U.S.

We have Guests who play here who have a gambling problem, but they are in the vast minority. Most people play responsibly. It's just like drinking responsibly or irresponsibly. Millions of dollars are brought in yearly by Indian casinos, but what you don't always hear is where a lot of that money goes. Not just to tribal shareholders, but to community charities and projects. You would be surprised.

We employ 3200 people and provide wages and benefits many, many companies in the San Diego area do not offer. Our casino draws Guests from Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and across the country because we are a responsible business and care about those who do come here. We make available information and programs to those who feel they have a gambling problem.

And, Ken, we have craps tables for you anytime you want to come to San Diego! Don't laugh. I actually have seen people I knew in Ketchikan in our casino, just by chance.

I think you'd find the financial benefits of Indian casinos to be far beyond the drawbacks.

Neil Gray
Guest Services Training Coordinator
Barona Valley Ranch Resort and Casino
San Diego, CA - USA


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